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01 June 2009

debian installer loader

About Debian-Installer Loader * By default, this program always installs Debian stable * Debian Installation Guide for i386 (32-bit) or amd64 (64-bit) flavours * Screenshot gallery * Wikipedia page: Where to contact for help, report a bug, etc * For issues specific to this website, mail me at * For issues related to the installer, contact debian-boot (make sure you mention "win32-loader" in the subject) * For general help with Debian GNU/Linux, try the Debian forums Propaganda * Feel like spreading some freedom (A4, letter sizes) to those poor users not running Debian? * Kudos to my Japanese friends Development stuff * Source code * Bug Tracking System

Installing Debian Etch From A Windows System With "Debian-Installer Loader" | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

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Installing Debian Etch From A Windows System With "Debian-Installer Loader" Debian-Installer Loader is a Debian Etch installer for Windows which adds an entry to the boot menu that allows you to start the Debian installation. Unlike the Ubuntu installation with Wubi, real Debian partitions are created during the installation. In the end, you have a dual-boot system (Windows/Debian).

24 April 2009

Installing Ubuntu Or Fedora From A Windows Or Linux System With UNetbootin - Page 4 | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

Windows Or Linux System With UNetbootin - Page 4 Installing Ubuntu Or Fedora From A Windows Or Linux System With UNetbootin - Page 4 Do you like HowtoForge? Please consider to support us by becoming a subscriber.

Lubi, LVPM, UNetbootin, and Bubakup - LVPM

Download LVPM 8.04/7.10/7.04 Download Partition Manager for Windows Download Partition Manager for Ubuntu Browse all downloads (additional packages for other distros/versions) Introduction The Loopmounted Virtual Partition Manager allows users to upgrade their existing Wubi or Lubi installation to a standard Ubuntu system by transferring all data, settings, and applications from the original install to a dedicated partition. The advantages of upgrading using LVPM are better disk performance and reliability, and the ability to replace the original operating system with Ubuntu. Requirements LVPM has been tested on installs created by Wubi 8.04, Wubi 7.10, Wubi 7.04, and Lubi 7.04. Partition Manager (Only Needed If You Don't Have Any Spare Partitions) Before using LVPM, you will need to have 1 spare partition for the root filesystem, and another partition formatted as swap. If you don't have any spare partitions, you can use the Partition Manager tool (short video tutorial here), boot it and open GParted, then resize your partitions and create a swap partition of equal size to your RAM, and the main target ext3 partition. Howtoforge also has a step-by-step screenshot-based guide on using the Partition Manager.