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HardyHeron/Alpha1 - Ubuntu Wiki

The Ubuntu developers are moving very quickly to bring you the absolute latest and greatest software the Open Source Community has to offer. The Hardy Heron Tribe 1 is the first alpha release of Ubuntu 8.04, and with this new alpha release comes a whole host of excellent new features. The feature list for 8.04 has been slowly taking shape since Heron opened late last month. While much is yet to be decided for 8.04, here are some of the new things that have already arrived, as well as a good look at the approved specifications for Hardy Heron. Note: This is still an alpha release. Do not install it on production machines. The final stable version will be released in April 2008.

HardyHeron/Alpha4 - Ubuntu Wiki

Upgrading from Ubuntu 7.10 To upgrade from Ubuntu 7.10, run "update-manager -d" using the update-manager package from Gutsy.