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30 July 2008 12:00

KDE Developer's Corner - Home

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Welcome to the KDE Developer's Corner website. This site is a directory of KDE development related documents. If you're looking for information about downloading or using KDE, then you should probably look at the main KDE website at instead.

14 April 2008 11:00

23 February 2008 22:00

Kallery Home

The idea of Kallery came up in my mind at the end of 2001 when I've started to redesign my homepage. I'm an amateur photographer, and have a lot of scanned photos. It is a pain to build a web gallery for them, even with a HTML editor, not talking about the generated code by such editors. So I tried some gallery generator programs, both for Linux and Windows, but none of them produced a gallery what I liked, and what I could use later on my homepage. I planned for a long time ago, that it's really the time to start learning something new, and to (permanently) change to the excellent Linux OS, and now that was the right moment for doing this. And I started to read and tried to understand the (not so difficult) API of the Qt and KDE. And here is the result, the Kallery - image gallery generator.

09 January 2008 17:45

pyneighborhood sourceforge

pyNeighborhood is GTK+ 2 rewrite of a well-known GTK+ 1 tool LinNeighborhood(using pyGTK), so it is the GUI frontend for samba tools, such as smbclient, smbmount etc. It's written in Python and uses the GTK+ 2 toolkit with pyGTK implementation.

09 January 2008 17:30

DrPython - SourceForge

DrPython is a highly customizable cross-platform ide to aid programming in Python. It was developed with teaching in mind, and has a clean, simple interface. It is written in Python, using wxPython as the gui.

09 January 2008 16:45


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DrPython is a highly customizable, extensible editor/environment for developing programs written in the Python programming Language. It is implemented in wxPython. (wxPython is a set of python bindings (and extra widgets) for wxWidgets). It uses Scintilla for the Text Controls.

09 January 2008 16:30

09 January 2008 16:15

20 December 2007 01:15

KompoZer - Easy web authoring

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KompoZer is designed to be extremely easy to use, making it ideal for non-technical computer users who want to create an attractive, professional-looking web site without needing to know HTML or web codin

24 November 2007 09:00

Plone CMS: Open Source Content Management

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Speaks Your Language Available in over 35 languages, Plone was designed from the ground up for multilingual content management. It handles Chinese, Japanese, and even right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew with ease.

22 November 2007 11:30 | Community plumbing

by 65 others (via) is the official website of Drupal, an open source content management platform. JOOMLA - PÁGINA 78 - REVISTA info exame - Junho 2006 - No 243 SITE DINÂMICO NA HORA RESUMINDO (lol): NA REVISTA info exame DE JUNHO DE 2006 pp78-80 SITES DINÂMICOS NA HORA NA PÁGINA 78 : JOOMLA (Joomla 1.0,PostNuke 0.762,SiteFrame 3.2.2 e wcms 1.1 RC 4)

22 November 2007 09:15

Revista Webdesign

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# 01 home # 02 a revista # 03 downloads # 04 anuncie # 05 assinatura # 06 clube do assinante # 07 edições anteriores # 08 pesquisa de opinião # 09 cadastro # 10 contato

19 July 2007 06:45

19 June 2007 07:45

scratch mit

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Make a project that contains food, and add it to the Scratch Club gallery.

28 February 2007 00:15


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revista info exame sites dinamicos>>junho de 2006(#243)pp78-80 e p55 do #261 novembro de 2007 NA REVISTA info exame DE JUNHO DE 2006 pp78-80 SITES DINÂMICOS NA HORA NA PÁGINA 78 : JOOMLA (Joomla 1.0,PostNuke 0.762,SiteFrame 3.2.2 e wcms 1.1 RC 4)