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October 2009


GDM GDM is a graphical login program distributed with the GNOME desktop. Similar to Windows Logon Studio, GDM allows you to change the look of the logon screen. * Browse GDM (45) GDM Help * How To Use GDM * How To Create GDM * How To Customize GDM * More » Popular Tags

August 2009

DesktopX Themes -

DesktopX Themes DesktopX is a complete shell enhancement that runs on top of Windows' Explorer shell. It runs on widgets and objects to enhance the desktop environment with animated icons and a host of other options.

Firefox Themes -

Firefox Themes Mozilla Firefox is an alternative to MS Internet Explorer and boasts such features as built-in popup blocking and tabbed browsing and correct css rendering. Firefox can use themes that change the way the buttons and icons in the program look. * Browse Firefox Themes (48)

Icons -

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Icons Icons are clickable images mostly used to represent a file, folder, application or device on a computer operating system. * Browse Icons (656)