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10 August 2008 08:15

Some VMware images

by 8 others
Introduction VMware lets you run another computer in your computer. Try out another operating system, test a different platform, preview a new distro. Hopefully this page of VMware images, or "Virtual Appliances" is useful.

12 August 2007 20:00

bagside downloads linux

Name Last Modified Size Type Parent Directory/ - Directory 64studio.7z 2007-Jul-30 04:40:09 598.8M application/octet-stream 64studio.md5 2007-Jul-30 03:00:20 0.1K application/octet-stream debtest.7z 2007-Aug-03 03:36:06 920.6M application/octet-stream debtest.md5 2007-Aug-03 01:00:56 0.1K application/octet-stream dreamlinux.7z 2007-Jul-03 13:17:50 509.6M application/octet-stream dreamlinux.md5 2007-Jul-03 11:50:16 0.1K application/octet-stream elive.md5 2007-May-24 05:08:00 0.1K application/octet-stream elive.rar 2007-May-24 05:09:00 531.9M application/octet-stream fedora7.7z 2007-Jun-19 16:02:35 720.3M application/octet-stream fedora7.md5 2007-Jun-19 14:31:51 0.1K application/octet-stream fedora8.7z 2007-Aug-09 01:58:45 1.1G application/octet-stream fedora8.md5 2007-Aug-08 22:39:27 0.1K application/octet-stream forgoogl.html 2007-Aug-09 07:24:19 9.2K text/html frugal.7z 2007-Aug-04 00:42:04 732.7M application/octet-stream frugal.md5 2007-Aug-03 22:37:46 0.1K application/octet-stream gentoo.md5 2007-May-24 05:09:00 0.1K application/octet-stream gentoo.rar 2007-May-24 05:11:00 1.3G application/octet-stream grml.7z 2007-May-29 10:58:07 612.9M application/octet-stream grml.md5 2007-May-29 11:12:32 0.1K application/octet-stream karoshi.7z 2007-Jun-16 16:01:08 548.6M application/octet-stream karoshi.md5 2007-Jun-16 14:55:22 0.1K application/octet-stream mandriva.7z 2007-May-24 05:12:00 710.0M application/octet-stream mandriva.md5 2007-May-24 05:12:00 0.1K application/octet-stream mepis-antiX.7z 2007-Jul-19 11:08:49 361.0M application/octet-stream mepis-antiX.md5 2007-Jul-19 10:23:57 0.1K application/octet-stream mint.7z 2007-Jun-02 09:26:51 665.6M application/octet-stream mint.md5 2007-Jun-02 09:28:03 0.1K application/octet-stream pclosBE.7z 2007-Jul-04 07:55:19 636.4M application/octet-stream pclosBE.md5 2007-Jul-04 06:10:46 0.1K application/octet-stream sidux.7z 2007-May-30 12:09:16 389.9M application/octet-stream sidux.md5 2007-May-24 05:13:00 0.1K application/octet-stream slack12.7z 2007-Jul-08 23:47:20 933.8M application/octet-stream slack12.md5 2007-Jul-08 22:04:35 0.1K application/octet-stream test.html 2007-May-24 11:10:48 0.1K text/html vector.7z 2007-May-25 23:46:14 564.9M application/octet-stream vector.md5 2007-May-25 22:52:41 0.1K application/octet-stream wbel-server.7z 2007-Jul-01 15:16:36 574.5M application/octet-stream wbel-server.md5 2007-Jul-01 13:58:13 0.1K application/octet-stream wolvix.7z 2007-Jul-29 11:32:50 426.7M application/octet-stream wolvix.md5 2007-Jul-29 10:21:37 0.1K application/octet-stream xubuntu.7z 2007-Jul-05 11:37:36 481.4M application/octet-stream xubuntu.md5 2007-Jul-05 10:11:41 0.1K application/octet-stream yoper.7z 2007-May-26 04:33:47 520.9M application/octet-stream yoper.md5 2007-May-24 05:14:00 0.1K application/octet-stream zenserver.7z 2007-Jun-14 15:54:28 310.7M application/octet-stream zenserver.md5 2007-Jun-14 15:22:17 0.1K application/octet-stream zenwalk.7z 2007-Jun-05 05:10:22 478.1M application/octet-stream zenwalk.md5 2007-Jun-05 04:02:26 0.1K application/octet-stream

bagside downloads

Virtual Appliances This site is dedicated to virtual appliances that we build for you to use FREE of charge.The virtual appliances are generally normal installs of the distro with some changes/updates and customizations by us. This means that you can go to the home-site for each distro to find information and the package list.

12 August 2007 19:15