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05 July 2008 08:30

VirtualBox HOWTOs and tutorials

VirtualBox HOWTOs and tutorials ΒΆ This page contains documentation submitted by users about how to do interesting things with VirtualBox. Contributions (including corrections and enhancements to existing tutorials) are always welcome, and may be submitted to the vbox-users mailing list. Please note that Sun is not the author of the following documents and cannot be held responsible for any problems arising from following the instructions contained in them. * Converting IDE images to SATA images by Harry Jacobson (VirtualBox forums) * Advanced networking for Linux by Jean-Jacques Sarton * Setting up OpenVPN between VirtualBox guests and hosts by Tim Day * Sharing files between guest and host without VirtualBox shared folders by Jean-Jacques Sarton * Sharing files between a DOS guest and the host by ghr * Setting up USB on Ubuntu 7.04 by Ibrahim Ben Faruhn * Setting up USB with udev on Fedora 6 by Andre Srinivasan * Tutorial: creating testbed networks of virtual machines, host Windows XP, guest Redhat Enterprise Linux by Gary Griffin * Howto setup a jail running VBox by Amit Gurdasani * Setup networking via a PPP tunnel (Linux guest/host) by Pedro Zorzenon Neto * Host Interface Networking between two Ubuntu VMs on a Vista host by Gaurav Verma * Internal Networking between two Ubuntu VMs on a Vista host by Gaurav Verma * Migrating from VMware: NAT considerations for Linux guests by Gaurav Verma * How to provide a core dump (helps debugging on Linux hosts) by the VirtualBox team * Howto migrate existing Windows installations to VirtualBox by the VirtualBox team * How to enable logging for the .MSI host installer of VirtualBox by the VirtualBox team