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19 August 2009 06:00

Programming Mac OS X

Twitter Feed * Now that Quake Live works on the Mac anybody wanna have a game tomorrow? * @DamianOS3 I was using that a couple of years ago on a test Nokia N92. * @razorianfly Trying to be a Z Lister eh? Invites don't seem to be getting through to hotmail though which all my friends are on. * @stroughtonsmith TUAW seem to be doubting that those pics of SL on the Eee are real. * So the Zune HD... won't play HD movies. Ah. Yes. Good branding, guys. Very clever! (via @wilshipley) * Is anybody else excited about the release this winter of OnLive? I really want to see the real world results. * @stroughtonsmith Does SL have iPhone style correction?! That's epic if it does.

YouTube - UbunTips's Channel

UbunTips Joined: July 24, 2008 Last Sign In: 1 week ago Videos Watched: 2,525 Subscribers: 53 Channel Views: 906 Welcome to the UbunTips channel. These video tutorials will guide you from being a linux noobie to a confident user. Name: Eoin Country: Ireland Website: Report profile image violation