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September 2009

CBT Nuggets Linux Series Video Tutorial

CBT Nuggets Linux Series Video Tutorial Summary: From installation and configuration to security, troubleshooting and recovery, you’ll get a thorough look at how it all works. Perry also delves into the Linux Kernel, the core of Linux and Linux development, showing you how to upgrade and recompile it. You’ll spend time learning shell and perl scripting as well as X windows and the Linux rescue environment. There are 23 videos for a total of 12 hours of instruction. The Linux certification or equivalent knowledge is the prerequisite for this training.

August 2009

Programming Mac OS X

Twitter Feed * Now that Quake Live works on the Mac anybody wanna have a game tomorrow? * @DamianOS3 I was using that a couple of years ago on a test Nokia N92. * @razorianfly Trying to be a Z Lister eh? Invites don't seem to be getting through to hotmail though which all my friends are on. * @stroughtonsmith TUAW seem to be doubting that those pics of SL on the Eee are real. * So the Zune HD... won't play HD movies. Ah. Yes. Good branding, guys. Very clever! (via @wilshipley) * Is anybody else excited about the release this winter of OnLive? I really want to see the real world results. * @stroughtonsmith Does SL have iPhone style correction?! That's epic if it does.

YouTube - UbunTips's Channel

UbunTips Joined: July 24, 2008 Last Sign In: 1 week ago Videos Watched: 2,525 Subscribers: 53 Channel Views: 906 Welcome to the UbunTips channel. These video tutorials will guide you from being a linux noobie to a confident user. Name: Eoin Country: Ireland Website: Report profile image violation

July 2009

YouTube - Canal de Computerstuff101

Computerstuff101 Participante desde: 9 de janeiro de 2009 Último acesso: 21 horas atrás Vídeos assistidos: 3473 Inscritos: 15 Exibições do canal: 201 I am just another guy showing you how to do stuff on Windows, Mac, and Linux. I am very good with Computers and Macs also with Linux. If you have a video request then send me a PM. If you have any problems with your PC, MAC, or Linux machine comment or PM me!!! Check out my blog at: País: Estados Unidos Interesses e passatempos: Computers, soccer, etc. Site: Denunciar violação de imagem de perfil

June 2009

January 2008