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CBT Nuggets Linux Series Video Tutorial

CBT Nuggets Linux Series Video Tutorial Summary: From installation and configuration to security, troubleshooting and recovery, you’ll get a thorough look at how it all works. Perry also delves into the Linux Kernel, the core of Linux and Linux development, showing you how to upgrade and recompile it. You’ll spend time learning shell and perl scripting as well as X windows and the Linux rescue environment. There are 23 videos for a total of 12 hours of instruction. The Linux certification or equivalent knowledge is the prerequisite for this training.


Please check the v4l wiki for most recent informations about video4linux and the drivers. As I don't maintain v4l any more the informations below will bitrot over time. I'll keep them online for now, but at some point in the future the pages will likely disappear. When setting or updating links please link to the wiki. Please mail any questions to the mailing list. Thanks. * v4l maintainer withdraw announcement * video4linux mailing list * wiki: main page * wiki: how to submit v4l patches overview overview About this site You can find here all my linux stuff: various programs, drivers and some texts. Below is a short description for every piece of software.


Estúdio Livre : Vídeo

Edição de vídeo em gnu/linux Antes de mais nada, se você já conhece mais sobre o processo de edição com o uso exclusivo de ferramentas (softwares) livres, o que você deve estar procurando são as últimas alterações de relevância da seção de vídeo - caso contrário, continue lendo: * (09.01.2008) - Criação da página com tutorial do DeVeDe * (01.11.2007) - publicação do primeiro vídeo-tutorial de cinelerra ; * (01.11.2007) - publicação da versão final do Manual do ManDVD; * (29.08.2007) - Criação da página Criando Imagens para Vídeos, que explica como criar imagens no gimp para utilizá-las na sua edição de vídeo; * (22.08.2007) - publicação da atualização do manual completo do cinelerra, que pode ser encontrado no acervo livre ou na página do programa; * (09.08.2007) - tutorial básico de uso do JAMin, um software para a masterização de áudio, que funciona junto com o JACK e o Ardour; * (22.05.2007) - como gravar um vídeo do desktop de forma fácil com o gtk-recordMyDesktop; * ...continua no final da página.



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Download Source Code mplayerplug-in-3.45.tar.gz Daily Source Code mplayerplug-in-daily.tar.gz Binary Releases:(some may not be immediately available) Fedora Core 6 Binary RPMs: mplayerplug-in-3.45-fc6.i386.rpm mplayerplug-in Mozilla Extension: This Extension converts OBJECT tags to EMBED tags for sites that only support IE. mplayerplug-in-0.4.xpi For earlier versions and source RPMs follow this link


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Watch Movie Trailers in your Unix Browser! What is it? mplayerplug-in is a browser plugin that uses mplayer to play digital media from websites. This plug-in gives Mozilla the ability to play media from a website the net without reading the source html and getting the url manually. Media is played embedded in the page or in a separate window depending on how the author of the webpage intended the media to be seen.

MPlayer - The Movie Player

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A stack overflow was found and reported by Stefan Cornelius of Secunia Research in the code used to handle cddb queries. Two other similar issues were found by Reimar Döffinger while fixing the issue. The vulnerability is identified with CVE-2007-2948 and SAID 24302. When copying the album title and category, no checking was performed on the size of the strings before storing them in a fixed-size array. A malicious entry in the database could trigger a stack overflow in the program, leading to arbitrary code execution with the uid of the user running MPlayer.