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13 October 2009 00:00

Ubuntu Unleashed

Ubuntu Unleashed It's the fastest-growing, coolest Linux distribution out there, and now you can join the excitement with this information-packed guide. Want to edit graphics? Create a spreadsheet? Manage groups? Set up an NFS server? You'll learn it all and more with the expert guidance, tips, and techniques in this first-ever soup-to-nuts book on Ubuntu. From the basics for newcomers to enterprise management for system administrators, it's what you need to succeed with Ubuntu. * Master the fundamentals for desktop and networks * Send e-mail, share files, edit text, and print * Download music, watch DVDs, and play games * Use Ubuntu on laptops, go wireless, or synch it with your PDA * Set up Web, mail, print, DNS, DHCP, and other servers * Manage groups and secure your network BigDownload link : BigDownload