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Ubuntu Screencasts

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In this short screencast we look at various ways of connecting printers in Ubuntu. We don't look at troubleshooting printer issues, as that will be covered in a later screencast, what we do cover is:- * Printer auto-detection in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) - Note: Gutsy is not yet released so we do not recommend running it on production hardware, and some features may change between now and the release date. * Automatic detection of network printers * Manually configuring network printers * Connecting to Windows shared printers. * Printing test pages

Básico: Apresentação das ferramentas.

Para quem nunca viu o GIMP, e está querendo começar, precisa conhecer a sua estrutura e ferramentas. Pensando nisso criei, com ajuda de alguns usuários deste fórum, um Guia para iniciantes ! Não é um tutorial é um GUIA ! Falta agora a parte referente aos Menus e Sub-menus, mas isso vai ser extenso e demorado ! Se conseguir concluir da maneira que penso vai acabar virando um livro [Guia do Usuário GIMP], quem sabe. Fora do AR Tentem este outro: Gimp Wiki Quem tiver um tempo sobrando e quiser dar uma lida e me passar alguma correção ou idéia, me manda uma MP, por favor ! (Fiz meio corrido, mas cheio de boa intenção ). 303 Cr4zY

October 2007

GnomeArt/Tutorials/GdmThemes - GNOME Live!

Creating GDM Themes HOWTO Creating your own theme It is always easier to start off of an existing theme, rather than doing it from scratch. In general, the first item to be changed is the background image. The background image must be at least as big as the screen resolution. In order to make the theme suitable to other users, it is a good idea to use at least 1600x1200 pixel images, as they look sharp even on high-resolution screens. A small image can also be used, but it will loose quality when expanded. The image must be placed in the theme directory and declared in the xml file as follows:

September 2007 - Getting started

Before you dive into Blender you'll first need to understand the interface. Most of what you'll learn about the interface carries over to the rest of Blender's features.

May 2007

21 Web 2.0 tutorials for The GIMP

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Posted in design, graphic, opensource, digg, web 2.0, english, italiano, gimp, tutorial by gigasoft on the April 9th, 2007 I know, I know, these days there’re too much ads on this site because of a bandwidth lack. Infact my current hosting allow me to manage “only” 10Gb per month and only yesterday I spent something like 6 Gb. So please, don’t be sicked for the ads, I need them to enlarge my bandwidth-limit and keep up this site for more than other 6 days GIMP TUTORIALS - TUTORIALS GIMP GIMP TUTORIAL - TUTORIAL GIMP