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October 2009

Koala wood

Koala wood GNOME Wallpaper 1024x768 atorres33 atorres33 Freelance Home - anthony torres Freelance Venezuela, Merida last visit Oct 25 2009 0 friends 1 groups other contents send a message add as friend more info - - Koala wood zoom Downloads: 80 Submitted: Oct 22 2009 Updated: Oct 22 2009 Score: score50P%score 50% good bad good Description: Wallpaper Ubuntu 9.10 License: Artistic 2.0 (koala wood) send to a friend subscription other artwork from atorres33 * slashdot it slashdot it * digg it digg it *

September 2009

July 2009

Eikon,Icon pack | Ubunlog

Eikon es una colección personal de iconos de un usuario de Ubuntu Forums, conocido con el nick What is in a name? , también es conocido en GNOME-Look por themes de su autoría, Elegant Brit, ClearGlow, MurrineGlow, Glow Ibex entre tantos otros. Estos iconos van por su versión 2 RC3, y la verdad es que mejoran con cada nueva versión, a mi personalmente me gustan mucho, ya desde hace un tiempo los uso en mi escritorio, en la captura que sigue (del autor de el pack) podes ver su aspecto. Podes descargarlos desde el mismo sitio donde el autor los sube Link, si los iconos te gustan te recomiendo pasar seguido por ahí, ya que, como dije, esta en contínua actualización.

June 2009

Soft Flower Gnome GDM

Description: Soft Flower Gnome GDM. ,-) I liked so much this wallpaper posted by Alessandro Manitto that I made a GDM. Enjoy! And tell if something is screwed with it, because I did not spend much time "testing". PS: Alessandro, great pic! ,-)) Changelog: 1) I made it a bit more clear, shifting all text to the right. 2) Fixed a "problem" that did not display the full text of login error messages. Thanks to all who voted high for this GDM! 3) Tried to fix a bug in the .desktop file which caused the theme to not appear as installed in the GDM list. I am not sure if i really solved the problem, since i never had this problem on my system. So, please -- if you encounter any problems, let me know. :) 4) Again, tried to fix a bug in the .desktop file which caused the theme to not appear as installed in the GDM list. Thanks to Sergey Kishchenko.


Raindrops GDM Theme fredbird67 fredbird67 - Fred McKinney United States of America, St. Louis, MO last visit May 31 2009 1 friends 4 groups other contents send a message add as friend more info - - Raindrops zoom Downloads: 253 Submitted: May 29 2009 Score: score60`%score 60% good bad good Description: A GDM screen for a rainy day. Enjoy! PS -- for those of you who are using Linux Mint, you may recognize the background on this as the basis for the Linux Mint 7 (aka "Gloria") default desktop wallpaper.

May 2009

Jaunty Grass

Description: Was just messing around this morning before work, and it happened to come out pretty well. I personally love the original background image (w/o bunny). Original Photo can be found here: --Great Stuff Thanks & Enjoy :D Changelog: .02 cleaned up the bunny a little.

Black Heart Gtk2x

Downloads: 2069 Submitted: Apr 29 2009 Updated: May 14 2009 Score: score65e%score 65% good bad good Description: Version 4 Overhauled and Error Free Built and tested on Jaunty... The Credits -included in the file. Pixbuff engine required... File held at Deviant art who do weird things with tar files so - Extract the tar.gz from the archive - Then extract the folders from the Black Heart theme tar.gz Install the Black Heart folder via appearance preferences or to /usr/share/themes Install the files with in the Firefox data folder to your Firefox chrome folder. Changelog: 29 Apr 09 - First Preview 30 Apr 09 - First Release 01 MaY 09 - Version 2 - check radio buttons - new tabs - new progress bars - New spin buttons more mouse over glow. Cleaned up the shadows and lines... 04 May 09 - Version 3 - New Listheaders- Progress Bars - scroll bar handles with prelight etc 14 May 09 - complete overhaul License: Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Kalahari 5 Login

Kalahari 5 Login Ubuntu GDM Theme robertn robertn - Robert Negele Germany last visit Sep 25 2008 1 friends 1 groups other contents send a message add as friend more info - - Kalahari 5 Login zoom Downloads: 210 Submitted: Mar 9 2008 Score: score57W%score 57% good bad good License: GPL send to a friend subscription other artwork from robertn

Ubuntu Paper

Ubuntu Paper Ubuntu GDM Theme mechevar mechevar - Mike Echevarria United States of America, Washington DC last visit Dec 31 2007 0 friends 0 groups other contents send a message add as friend more info - - Ubuntu Paper zoom Downloads: 499 Submitted: Nov 15 2007 Score: score70p%score 70% good bad good Description: Default Ubuntu Human theme with font color changes and Ubuntu Paper background by Niall Brown. License: GPL

Siddolo’s Open Lab

Qualche giorno fa, andando a leggere su, trovo un commento positivo sul mio tema “Acemone”: l’autore è Luca De Marini, aka DarkMaster, il capoprogetto di OpenGEU. OpenGEU è una distribuzione Linux derivata da Ubuntu, che mira ad essere, semplicemente, bella. Eye-candy e design sono le parole d’ordine. Ebbene, mi è stato chiesto di entrare a far parte del team, come designer per i temi GDM. La prossima versione, basata su Ubuntu Jaunty, avrà quindi anche la mia firma, il mio contributo, per i due temi Sunshine e Moonlight che, ovviamente, saranno distribuiti anche qui sul mio blog ;) Ancora non riesco a crederci, e voglio ringraziare chi mi sostiene, mi visita sul blog, mi commenta e mi aiuta in questi lavori. Grazie davvero, questo traguardo l’ho raggiunto anche grazie a voi!

Kalahari 3 login

Description: Kalahari 3 has no Useralbum and I really like that Useralbum of the Linux Mint Glass 1.0 GDM Mint Glass?content=69323 ist just a little modified So is tryed a new combination with Marcels Wallpaper, found at Sunset?content=65063 Hope you like it, too. Greethings Robert License: GPL

Ubuntu Smooth

Ubuntu Smooth 1.1 GDM Theme soA soA - Sobhy Abd Alwahed last visit May 14 2009 0 friends 0 groups other contents send a message add as friend more info - - Ubuntu Smooth zoom Depends on: GNOME 2.x Downloads: 1453 Submitted: Apr 30 2009 Updated: May 1 2009 Score: score70p%score 70% good bad good Description: This GDM is a combination between Minty GDM and the NEW Human GDM. Hope you like it. Changelog: Version 1.1: - Align the text box to center. - Add shadow to the text entry. - Change the action button's color - Fix shutdown button.

Siddolo’s Open Lab » Blog Archive » Tema GDM: Acemone 0.50

Approfitto di un giorno di malattia per fare un bel passo avanti sul blog. Finalmente riesco a rilasciare un tema di login per GDM, il gestore del login più in voga sui sistemi Linux. Si chiama Acemone: è ancora una versione prematura, ma utilizzabile. Ringrazio tantissimo l’amico Eduardo Mejia per avermi permesso di usare il suo splendido sfondo ‘Amanecer’ per questo tema. Se volete andare a trovarlo e innamorarvi anche voi dei suoi splendidi artworks potete visitare il suo deviantArt. Un grazie va anche a Danilo ‘TheMirror’ Romelli, per la sua traduzione della documentazione sui tag dei temi GDM. Cliccate sul bottone qui sotto per scaricare il tema! :)


Description: Wow, it is my first GDM theme. GDM is the major Linux login manager, flexible and customizable. This theme is named Acemone: altough it is an easrly version, is usable and effective. I wanted to thank the friend Eduardo Mejia who let me use his amazing ‘Amanecer’ wallpaper for this theme. You really should visit his wonderful deviantArt page at, you will certainly love his artworks! Thanks also to Danilo ‘TheMirror’ Romelli for translating the GDM tags documentation! The first version of Acemone with userlist is out! Changelog: 0.55: Acemone have reached 500 downloads! It's also time to release the 0.55 version! Changelog: new button set, more detailed and artistic with a different position. Also code is slightly different to fit different screen resolutions: if you experience some trouble this this theme, please, report the bug ;) Comments, ratings, fans are welcome (a motivated worker is a better worker :) )! 0.60: Some minor changes for this new version: different color for username/password label to improve readability, fully commented xml to make editing easier, edited copyright infos in the greeter file. Compatibility up to 1680x1050 resolution is tested and Acemone works without problems. A new version of 0.60 is out from 04/09 to fix some comment tags. 0.69 - with UserList: After days of coding and many tests, the first Acemone with Userlist alpha is out. Works perfectly on 1280x800, tests with higher and lower resolutions will be done soon. The disposition of items in the theme is very different from standard Acemone, prettier as much as I can do. Advices in this sense are more than welcome, please report bug and problems and I will fix them as soon as possible. 05/06/2009: This is not an update but a communication. Acemone with userlist is now tested and certified for working at all standard resolutions. Thanks to all for over 10,000 downloads! Starting a new iconset for the theme ;) License: GPL (Acemone 0.50) (Acemone 0.55) (Acemone 0.60) (Acemone 0.69 with UserList)