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Warsow é completamente livre, jogo estilo first-person shooter (FPS) para Windows, Linux e Mac OS X. Situado em um desenho animado futurista como o mundo onde suínos RocketLauncher e ciberpunks portadores de LaserGun perambulam pelas ruas. Destaca-se também na questão da movimentação dos personagens, coisa que impressiona, vc pode usar a parede como apoio pra pegar impulso e correr mais rápido


brain teaser game and trainer to have fun and to keep your brain trained

gbrainy is a platform to train memory, arithmetical and logical capabilities with many sorts of different exercises of different difficulty levels. It should have something for all ages and purposes: kids whose parents want them to develop their capabilities, adults that want to keep their mind in form or just try it out for fun, older people that might need to do some memory exercises, etc.


PySol Solitaire Home Page

Development news: PySol5 will be a major rewrite using the wxPython toolkit, including many new games, a plethora of new cool features, and a convenient Windows setup version. Unfortunately the rewrite is currently stuck halfway through, and as I'm really busy with other things there is no concrete timeframe for a first beta version

wine - Ubuntu Games

WineHQ é uma implementação livre de APIs Windows sobre as bibliotecas linux. Não é um emulador, nem uma máquina virtual, é um tradutor.

iug - Ubuntu Games

# BEM-VINDO AO INSTALADOR UBUNTU GAMES # Agora você esta diante do programa que vai revolucionar o sistema operacional Ubuntu Linux.


glChess is a 2D/3D chess game, where games can be played between a combination of human and computer players. glChess detects known third party chess engines for computer players. The game was originally developed by Robert Ancell, now the game is included in gnome-games. glChess is written in Python and uses GTK+ and Cairo to render the chess board. 3D support is optionally available using OpenGl, using the Python OpenGL and GtkGLExt libraries. As with most modern 3D programs hardware acceleration is recommended but it should run OK in software. glChess is bundled with GNU Chess as the default chess AI.

Gnome Games

gnome-games is a collection of sixteen small "five-minute" games in a variety of styles and genres. The GNOME Games Manuals can give you useful information about playing the games. Developers can check out the page for contributing to gnome-games. For all development related questions, contact the Gnome Games mailing list at Mailing list

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