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19 June 2009


Tunapie About News Documentation Screenshots Download Forums Credits About TunaPie is a directory browser for Internet radio and TV streams. In theory it should work on any UNIX-based system. It has been tested on Linux and Max OS X. As of 0.9.6, it is compatible with the Icecast directory as well as the Shoutcast (winamp) stream directory service. Tunapie allows you to search for streams and then launch your audio player (XMMS) or NSV viewer (Mplayer) of choice. It also allows recording of audio and video streams using streamripper. Tunapie is Free Software, released under the GNU General Public License (GPL2).

10 June 2009

Freevo Media Centre | Home Theatre Platform HTPC & PVR

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About Freevo Imagine a world where the tv guide is liquid, where the time slots are organised to suit your schedule. Imagine a place you can store all of your music, movies and photos for you and your family to enjoy. Imagine having access to all your games, podcasts, upto the minute weather and news reports. Imagine doing all of this for free. What a wonderful world that would be... Freevo is an open source HTPC media centre software integrating PVR / DVR funtionality along with music, video, gaming, home automation and more. It is written in python and uses existing popular software such as mplayer, xine and vlc. Primarily aimed at the Linux platform it is also possible to run on OSX and for the determined on Windows. It is the main mythtv alternative.

07 June 2009

Miro Reprodutor de Vídeo HD | Publicar

Transforme seus visitantes em assinantes. Pôr os seus vídeos no Miro é grátis e fácil. Ajudamo-lo a alcançar uma audiência de centenas de milhar de utilizadores em todo o mundo. E quando alguém passa pelo seu site para ver um vídeo, aproveite essa oportunidade para transformar uma experiência momentânea num grande fã ao permitir-lhe assinar o seu programa

Miro Reprodutor de Vídeo HD | Usando o Miro

Um jeito melhor de assistir. Com o Miro, você não precisará de outra internet TV — ele lhe dá acesso a milhares de programas espalhados pela web. A programação de alta qualidade, boa parte da qual em alta definição, é enorme e novos programas são constantemente adicionados. Você pode assistir e organizar listas de vídeos quando estiver desconectado ou viajando, encontrar programas de TV em sites como o Hulu, e baixar de sites como o Youtube. O Miro baixa em alta definição, sempre que possível!

21 October 2007

06 October 2007

Make Internet TV : Shoot, Edit, Publish and Promote Your Videos

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You Make the News This guide has step-by-step instructions for shooting, editing, and publishing online videos that can be watched and subscribed to by millions of people.