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TV Center Toolbar :: Complementos para o Firefox

TV Center Toolbar por Kfir Goldman Assista TV on-line diretamente do navegador da web você. Categorias * Fotos, música & vídeos * Comunicação e Sociais * Barras de Ferramentas Atualizado em 18 de junho de 2009

Welcome to TV Manager ! The Firefox addon to browse television listings while surfing the net

Welcome to TV Manager ! The Firefox addon to browse television listings while surfing the net PDF Print E-mail TV Manager is a free Firefox extension that gathers television listings from different countries and channels and displays them in the browser sidebar in a convenient way. You can set alarms on your favorite programs to be alerted when they begin and never miss a program again !

TV Manager :: Complementos para o Firefox

TV Manager 1.4 por Matthieu Jamet Browse TV listings (USA, France and Italy) and set alarms to never miss a program again! Keep track of what is going on TV while surfing the net! Categorias * Fotos, música & vídeos * Alertas e atualizações * Outros Atualizado em 28 de abril de 2009

Informação de usuário para :: Complementos para o Firefox

Perfil do usuário Nome Zeke Reyes Apelido Página inicial Firefox Complementos - usuário desde 16 de novembro de 2008 :: Complementos para o Firefox 20081116 por Search information on TV series, episodes, celebrities, TV station, news, TV schedule, and videos at Categorias * Gerais Atualizado em 16 de novembro de 2008

Joost download

"O futuro está aqui: televisão online com canais de grandes emissoras e qualidade que não tem preço."

TV-FOX - Download

Sem mover o mouse do navegador, você assiste a canais de TV do mundo todo. O TV-FOX é assim. Grátis, rápido e direto. Sem falar na extensa seleção de emissoras de todo o mundo e dentro de distintas categorias. O TV-FOX é uma extensão para Firefox. Para instalar basta arrastar o arquivo que você faz o download no Softonic até o ícone do navegador na sua área de trabalho. Na próxima vez que abrir o browser aparece a barra de ferramentas do TV-FOX.

Freevo Media Centre | Home Theatre Platform HTPC & PVR

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About Freevo Imagine a world where the tv guide is liquid, where the time slots are organised to suit your schedule. Imagine a place you can store all of your music, movies and photos for you and your family to enjoy. Imagine having access to all your games, podcasts, upto the minute weather and news reports. Imagine doing all of this for free. What a wonderful world that would be... Freevo is an open source HTPC media centre software integrating PVR / DVR funtionality along with music, video, gaming, home automation and more. It is written in python and uses existing popular software such as mplayer, xine and vlc. Primarily aimed at the Linux platform it is also possible to run on OSX and for the determined on Windows. It is the main mythtv alternative.


Miro - InterneMiro - Internet TV For Ubuntu!

Miro provides a complete online video viewing experience.It is a video feed reader.Miro has a very attractive interface.It allows you to download your favorite videos from various video sharing sites like you tube,,DailyMotion and Yahoo! video.It works with Bit Torrent feeds also.Just type in a keyword in the search bar at the bottom left and get your video. A number of video channels or feeds are provided by default that provide an interesting mix of videos for your viewing pleasure under the Starter Channels folder.Custom folders can also be created to group together some channels.Some of these are high-definition channels and consume lot of bandwidth.Users can add new channels by clicking on the Channels menu.Simply provide the link of the channel.Use Miro to get your pod casts from the web.These can be you tube links and channel addresses.Playlists can also be created in Miro. To edit the preferences of a particular channel (feed),click on it in the left sidebar and then click on settings at the top right of the window. To prevent a channel from consuming unlimited bandwidth ,keep the AUTO DOWNLOAD option OFF.Channels can be easily removed,renamed and updated by right clicking on the feed address in the left sidebar.Miro also maintains a library of local videos.So it acts as a video player with usual functionality for your desktop. To customize folders for the downloaded videos,disk space usage click on Options under the Video menu.

sopcast player

SopCast 3.0.1 for linux Command line Version: Please read the Readme file in this package, about the usage and library dependency. If you need the stdc++5 library, download it here: Note: No need to download the libstdcpp5.tgz if you can run sp-sc. GUI Version: qsopcast rpm (install the 2 packages below): The GUI versoin is developed by Liu Di and Wei Lian, thanks a lot!