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June 2009

Blender 3D Noob to Pro - Beginner Tutorials.pdf

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Blender Masters trás a você muitos artigos e fontes de consulta sobre o blender3d, sendo um dos maiores sites em português de blender que você irá encontrar como o blender brasil ou o procedural. Há muitos modelos para Blender 3d, vídeo tutoriais, dicas, exemplos de animação, vídeos para download e muito mais. O conteúdo aqui é disposto como um tutorial blender ou tutoriais blender. É de fácil leitura como em uma revista blender ou uma apostila blender. Toda sugestão é bem-vinda e gostaria muito que todos que puderem possam contribuir para a melhoria do site. Aproveitem o conteúdo e boa leitura.

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Manual do Blender 2.48a em pdf Imprimir E-mail Escrito por Madison Paz Monday, 10 November 2008 Para a nova versão do manual em pdf do Blender, Marco Ardito trabalhou e publicou o material em seu wiki. Após vários ajustes, ele conseguiu baixar o tanhanho do arquivo de download para 25MB. Um grande progresso em relação aos 86MB anteriores, sem falar que é a versão 2.48a!

les liens de blender-café

Le domaine de la 3D étant vaste vous trouverez ci-dessous un ensemble de liens classés par rubrique, cliquez sur leur icone pour accéder à la page désirée. Si un lien ne fonctionne plus, merci de nous le signaler.

les didadacticiels de blender-café

Blender-Café tutorials You'll find here many tutorials for Blender, and we hope they'll be of interest. These tuts are sorted by difficulty (beginner, intermediate , expert). If you have some skill with Blender and want to share it other users, you can help with this section. Feel free to contat Olivier in order to get tutorial template files. Tutorials are available either on-line or in version if you intend to print them.

Les didacticiels de

Modeling organic items, such as animals, human heads and other body parts is never easy and needs quite a lot of skills and patience to do so. Fortunately, latest version of Blender came with a new cool feature, called Surface Subdivision, that make organic things a lot easier to model. Trees, body parts and even faces now come more easily under our mouse. The purpose of this tutorial is to show the basics of human face modeling. Using these guidelines, you will get a quite acurate basic shape to work with more finely, weither you want to achieve toon-like pictures, or more realistic faces like the one below. Sure, it will take hours to get something like this, but it will be a very enjoying task to do so, not an harassing one. - Blender User Interface Tutorial

If you are reading this tutorial, you are probably feeling like I did exactly one year ago. I had found this extremely interesting looking 3D application (which other users were raving about), but the user interface completely baffled me. I couldn't find the quit function (I had to kill the application instead of exiting it), I saw buttons that seemed to react differently each time I clicked on them and every time something interesting happened, I could not reproduce it.

February 2008

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