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21 September 2009

Ubuntu Server Tutorials

We have made some of the video tutorials for Ubuntu Server freely available to help you evaluate our training. Click on any of the linked lesson listings below to preview FREE!

13 September 2009

VTC - Ubuntu Server [Tutorial]

VTC - Ubuntu Server [Tutorial] Summary: Trainer: Michael Jang | Runtime: 7.5 hrs / 87 tutorials | For Windows, Linux and Mac Linux is the most important operating system on the Internet. It’s recognized everywhere as the cost-effective way to operate all kinds of servers. With the support of powerhouses like IBM, Dell, HP, and Sun, demand for Linux servers is growing. Ubuntu has quickly become the most popular distribution among Linux users. And Ubuntu Server edition is quickly becoming the way to implement Linux in the enterprise. This “how to” course by VTC author Mike Jang, uses practical examples to demonstrate the skills you need to use Ubuntu Server edition.