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May 2008


Installing Ubuntu 8.04 LTS - Hardy Heron step-by-step installation guide with screenshots. By: Marius Nestor, Linux Editor So you've heard about Ubuntu everywhere on the Internet and you've decided to install it on your computer (just to see if what you heard about it is true or not) and you don't know how to do it? Look no further! This guide will make things very simple for you, as it will teach you, step-by-step, how to install the latest version of Ubuntu operating system (current version is 8.04 LTS codename Hardy Heron) on your PC in no more than 10 minutes (depending on your computer specs, of course). Are you ready? Let's start! Step 1 - Download the Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop ISO image, that corresponds to your hardware architecture (i386 or amd64), from here. Step 2 - Burn the ISO image with your favorite CD/DVD burning application (on Windows, you can use one of the following applications: Nero, CDBurnerXP, Roxio etc) on a blank CD at 8x speed. Step 3 - Insert or leave the CD in your CD/DVD-ROM device and reboot your computer. Select your language when asked:

December 2007

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