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Tour Linha Bella | Passeios - Serra Gaúcha | TourOn

Receba as melhores dicas para Serra Gaúcha! Cadastre o seu nome e e-mail nos campos abaixo para receber nossas dicas, guias e roteiros, novidades e ofertas para Serra Gaúcha.

Learning with English Connection: BBC & Vektor video Learning 9 CDs ::

Learning with English Connection: BBC & Vektor video Learning 9 CDs pic Издательство: BBC & Vektor video Learning Описание: Commerial Technical and Tourism Качество: Video: IV32 320x232 15.00fps [Stream 00] Audio: PCM 22050Hz stereo 705Kbps [Stream 01] 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, each level has 3 CDs. It is a software that teaches you English by listening and watching. The Connections series is a world leader for English and foreign language learning in both the business and education markets. All of the courses cover a wide range of topics providing comprehensive training in the language of business and travel. The language is presented using extensive video footage and sound files, then practised and tested using a variety of role-plays and exercises. This product is highly versatile and is suitable for use as a quick revision aid, for topic-based learning, or as a complete self-study course. Each course is built in the following steps: - Rapid English - Grammar - How to say and speak (giving advice, order, opinion…) - Role Play (Practice)