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19 February 2008 23:15

reflective 3D like text in the GIMP « ryan lerch

Inspired by Nicu’s GIMP tutorial - make your subject pop out i decided to publish my lame tutorial on my blog. i know its a simple process that almost evryone knows, but in case you dont, here is how i do this… This Tutorial shows you how so make simple 3D like text with a refection on the ground. Enough of me trying to describe it… here is what you are aiming to do:

15 February 2008 17:15

22 January 2008 21:30

11 August 2007 22:15

gimp Stylish Text

Open the gimp and create a new image (CTRL+N), mine is 525x100. Change the foreground color in the toolbox to the color you want your text, press T for text tool and click on the canvas to enter your text. Choose a suitable font and size (I chose 70px "Sans Bold") and add your text (if you need to move the text use the move tool M). GIMP - TUTORIALS TUTORIALS-GIMP TUTORIAL - GIMP GIMP-TUTORIAL