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October 2008

Topicalizer - The tool for topic extraction, text analysis and abstract generation

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Topicalizer is a service which automatically analyses a document specified by a URL or a plain text regarding its word, phrase and text structure. It provides a variety of useful information on a given text including the following: Word, sentence and paragraph count, collocations, syllable structure, lexical density, keywords, readability and a short abstract on what the given text is about.

July 2008

Welcome to Microsoft® Agent

Microsoft® Agent is a software technology that enables an enriched form of user interaction that can make using and learning to use a computer, easier and more natural. With the Microsoft Agent set of software services, developers can easily enhance the user interface of their applications and Web pages with interactive personalities in the form of animated characters. These characters can move freely within the computer display, speak aloud (and by displaying text onscreen), and even listen for spoken voice commands. When used effectively with a conversational interface approach, Microsoft Agent can be a powerful extension and enhancement of the existing interactive modalities of the Microsoft Windows® interface.

Agent 2.0 Character: Peedy Character File

Brief Description Microsoft Agent 2.0 character data file (.acs format) for Peedy. Microsoft Agent is a software technology that enables an enriched form of user interaction that can make using and learning to use a computer, easier and more natural.

February 2008

reflective 3D like text in the GIMP « ryan lerch

Inspired by Nicu’s GIMP tutorial - make your subject pop out i decided to publish my lame tutorial on my blog. i know its a simple process that almost evryone knows, but in case you dont, here is how i do this… This Tutorial shows you how so make simple 3D like text with a refection on the ground. Enough of me trying to describe it… here is what you are aiming to do:

shattered / smashed text tutorial « ryan lerch

shattered / smashed text tutorial Published May 22, 2007 Projects , art , clipart , inkscape , openclipartlibrary , tutorial as promised, i have done up the tutorial for my smashed / shattered text effect. it is quite a simple process… please, post links to your creations using this tutorial in the comments :P Firstly, type your string as text.

Festival - Text-to-Speech - Community Ubuntu Documentation

You can take advantage of Text-To-Speech in Ubuntu by using a program called Festival. Festival doesn't work with ESD (the default sound mixer) or ALSA out of the box, so some changes are required to get it up and running. This guide provides instructions on how to get Festival working on Ubuntu with ESD or ALSA. If you don't use Festival with ESD, you will have to disable ESD in the Sounds preferences dialog. In that case, other multimedia applications won't be able to play audio at the same time.

January 2008

medit the text editor

* Configurable syntax highlighting. * Configurable keyboard accelerators. * Multiplatform - works both on unix and windows. * Plugins: can be written in C or Python. * Configurable tools available from the main and context menus. They can be written in Python, or it can be a shell script, or in MooScript - simple builtin scripting lanugage. * Regular expression search/replace, grep and find frontends, builtin file selector and whatnot. * See screenshots.

October 2007

Download Scintilla and SciTE

Windows Executables A full download (800K) includes the SciTE executable, any required DLLs, configuration files and documentation. After downloading the file, unzip it, and run SciTE.EXE. The files required to run SciTE are SciTE.EXE, SciLexer.DLL, and and these are best located in one directory on the path.

TEA: news

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TEA is the GTK2-based text editor for Linux, Darwin, MacOS X, Solaris and *BSD. With an ultimate small size TEA provides you hundreds of functions.

September 2007

August 2007

gimp Stylish Text

Open the gimp and create a new image (CTRL+N), mine is 525x100. Change the foreground color in the toolbox to the color you want your text, press T for text tool and click on the canvas to enter your text. Choose a suitable font and size (I chose 70px "Sans Bold") and add your text (if you need to move the text use the move tool M). GIMP - TUTORIALS TUTORIALS-GIMP TUTORIAL - GIMP GIMP-TUTORIAL