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14 August 2009 01:15

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Any Color You Like

Any Color You Like 0.6.1 GNOME Icon Theme switzak switzak - Isak Lindbeck Sweden last visit Aug 13 2009 0 friends 2 groups other contents send a message add as friend more info - - Any Color You Like zoom Any Color You Like zoom Any Color You Like zoom Downloads: 2779 Submitted: Apr 8 2009 Updated: Jul 11 2009 Score: score76v%score 76% good bad good Description: !!Important!! It is adviced to remove previous versions of this theme before installing a newer. I really like messing around with my color settings in gnome. One thing that has always been bugging me was that I could not find matching colored icons. So as a solution to that I made this icon set. It uses a script to change to colors of the icons. Many icons come from the MonoBlack, area.o42 and ALLBLACK icon sets, so cred should also go to the creators of those themes. Here is how to run the script. 1. Go to /your_home_folder/.icons/ACYL_Icon_Theme_0.6.1. There should be a file there that is named 2. Double click on it and select run in terminal. (If you select "run" it might break the icons, happened to me once) 1&2(alt). The two steps above can be done in the terminal by typing: cd ~/.icons/ACYL_Icon_Theme_0.6.1/ bash Now a terminal should pop up and show you a menu where you can choose what action you want to preform. Here is a list what you can do with this script: -Change colors on the icons. -Set gradients to icons. -Set opacity on icons. -Select which distribution logo you want to use. -Set a custom logo. -Create an icon in your menu to run the script and make it possible to start it from the terminal by typing "acyl". (Need to be redone after updating the theme.) -Copy the icon theme to the root user thus making apps that run with root privileges use the same icons. (Needs to be redone if you change the colors of your icons.) -Fix applications that don't follow the icon theme in the task manager. I don't really know anything about writing scripts and I made this by using google and having a lot of patience. So if you take a look at it and can think of a thousand ways to do things better, this is the reason. =P Comments and feedback are very much appreciated. Changelog: * 0.6.1 2009-07-10 -Fixed a major bug where the theme would break gnome-panel. * 0.6 2009-07-10 -Added an option to set gradient. -Opacity is now fully supported. -Made symlinks for identical icons. -Rewrote large parts of the script. * 0.5 2009-06-04 -Added, reworked and reused a total of 80 icons. -Colordialog for choosing colors. -Filedialog for choosing files. -Option to "fix" applications that don't follow the icon theme. * 0.4 2009-05-24 -Major improvements done to the script. -Menus to choose what action to preform in the script. -Copy to root user. -Logo selection. -Menu icon and terminal command. -Ability to set separate color on action icons. -The script now automatically updates the icons after a color change. -Removed the opacity settings as it didn't work out to well. License: GPL (ACYL Icon Theme 0.6.1) send to a friend subscription other artwork from switzak