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March 2009

User Guide to Nvu HTML Web authoring tool for site development

Charles Cooke's Nvu Support Site Nvu is a nascent, open source, ysiwyg, Web authoring system. I hope that this User Guide will both prove useful for new users and act as a reference guide for those more experienced. Latest revision 14-March-2006 Based on Nvu 1.0 The Guide is based on Nvu running under Windows XP. Available both in pdf and HTML versions The pdf version can be printed, if required, on either A4 or US letter stationery. The files for the guide are no longer maintained on this site but are hosted on an Nvu site. Your preferred route, when running Nvu is via the Nvu Help menu, select 'User Guide' Alternatively go to the current version using the link below Nvu User Guide HTML or pdf However! a - The hosting site has not worked since the last week in September (I am investigating why.) b - There is now a newer User Guide based on KompoZer available Copies of both old and new can be found via Also available Bugs I found HTML

January 2008

NTFS-3G: Stable Read/Write NTFS Driver

NTFS-3G Stable Read/Write Driver Updated: December 21, 2007 Over five million hits since the stable driver release! The NTFS-3G driver is an open source, freely available read/write NTFS driver for Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, NetBSD, and Haiku. It provides safe and fast handling of the Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 and Windows Vista file systems. Most POSIX file system operations are supported, and full file ownership and permission support is coming along

October 2007

September 2007

Ubuntu 7.04 Beta | Ubuntu

Ubuntu 7.04 BETA The Ubuntu team is proud to announce the beta release of Ubuntu 7.04. Ubuntu 7.04 is the most user-friendly Ubuntu to date and includes a ground-breaking Windows migration assistant, excellent wireless networking support and improved multimedia support. Ubuntu 7.04 server edition adds support for hardware facilities that speed up the use of virtual machines as well as other improved hardware support, making it an excellent choice as a web, database, file and print server, the fastest growing area of Linux server use.

Alvaro's Messenger

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aMSN is a free open source MSN Messenger clone, with features such as: * Display pictures * Custom emoticons * Multi-language support (around 40 languages currently supported) * Webcam support * Sign in to more than one account at once * Full-speed File transfers * Group support * Normal, and animated emoticons with sounds * Chat logs * Timestamping * Event alarms * Conferencing support * Tabbed chat windows

August 2007

Wine HQ - Announce

This is release 0.9.42 of Wine, a free implementation of Windows on Unix. What's new in this release: - Support for activation contexts and side-by-side assemblies. - Many more gdiplus functions. - More messaging support in crypt32.dll. - Many HTTP protocol handling fixes. - Lots of bug fixes.

June 2007

PluginDoc: Linux (x86)

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Mozilla Plugin Support on Linux (x86) * Adobe Reader * Adobe SVG Viewer * Cult3D * Curl Surge * DjVuLibre * Flash Player * FreeWRL * gxine * Java Runtime Environment * LinuxJ2K * mozplugger * mplayerplug-in * Plugger * RealPlayer 10 or Helix Player * CrossOver Office - Run Windows Browser Plugins on Linux

April 2007