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October 2007

August 2007


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Download Source Code mplayerplug-in-3.45.tar.gz Daily Source Code mplayerplug-in-daily.tar.gz Binary Releases:(some may not be immediately available) Fedora Core 6 Binary RPMs: mplayerplug-in-3.45-fc6.i386.rpm mplayerplug-in Mozilla Extension: This Extension converts OBJECT tags to EMBED tags for sites that only support IE. mplayerplug-in-0.4.xpi For earlier versions and source RPMs follow this link

June 2007

PluginDoc: Linux (x86)

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Mozilla Plugin Support on Linux (x86) * Adobe Reader * Adobe SVG Viewer * Cult3D * Curl Surge * DjVuLibre * Flash Player * FreeWRL * gxine * Java Runtime Environment * LinuxJ2K * mozplugger * mplayerplug-in * Plugger * RealPlayer 10 or Helix Player * CrossOver Office - Run Windows Browser Plugins on Linux