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22 September 2009 03:30

Local Support through Local Community (aka LoCo) Teams | Ubuntu

Home Face-to-Face Local Support Our worldwide network of Local Community ("LoCo") teams is providing a strong backbone to our already vast and extensive Ubuntu community. Many of these teams provide free, face-to-face local support, such as one-on-one troubleshooting, group sessions, and presentations about Ubuntu. Why not go and see the full list of teams! Contents 1. Non-English Support 1. Bengali (Bangladesh) 2. Brazilian 3. Catalan 4. Česky 5. Chinese 6. Croatian 7. Dutch 8. Finnish 9. French 10. German 11. Greek 12. Hebrew and Arabic 13. India (any Indian language) 14. Indonesian 15. Italian 16. Japanese 17. Korean 18. Kurdish 19. Persian (Iran) 20. Portuguese 21. Romanian 22. Russian 23. Slovak 24. Spanish 1. General 2. Argentina 3. Chile 25. Swedish 26. Tamil 27. Turkish 28. Urdu (Pakistan) Non-English Support Support channels on IRC and mailing lists exist for Ubuntu users whose first language is not English. You are welcome to join one of these or start your own. An important part of the Ubuntu manifesto is your ability to use your software in your local language. Part of that is ensuring that Ubuntu includes the best translations available for the Ubuntu desktop software (and you can help to improve those translations). Another part of that commitment is helping to create mailing lists and IRC channels for Ubuntu users in different languages. If you want to start a local team or to join an existing one, visit Bengali (Bangladesh) * Website: * Forum: * IRC: #ubuntu-bd on * Mailing list: Brazilian * Website: * Forums: * Wiki documentation: * IRC: #ubuntu-br on * Mailing list:

23 June 2009 04:00

Microsoft Ajuda e Suporte

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15 June 2007 05:00