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October 2009

Ubuntu One : Support

Installation instructions You aren't logged in, so you may not have a subscription. Without a subscription to Ubuntu One these installation instructions will not work for you! Please log in and verify you have a subscription before continuing, and thanks for your interest! Requirements: Because we want to give everyone using Ubuntu One the very best experience, we require that you run Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) or higher. Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) and higher Ubuntu One is pre-installed. Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) Please following these installation instructions. Installation instructions It is also strongly recommended that you update your system before beginning the installation. To install updates, go to System » Administration » Update Manager and click Install Updates. Once your system is up to date you can begin the installation process. 1. Add Our PPA The first step is to add our PPA (Personal Package Archive). This will give you access to the Ubuntu One client software. You can find more information about PPAs at Add PPA (Ubuntu 9.04) Install window for ubuntuone-client-gnome 2. Install Client Install the Ubuntu One client from the PPA by clicking on the button below. Note: If you're using a non-Firefox web browser, you can install the client by going to System » Administration » Synaptic Package Manager and searching for ubuntuone-client-gnome Install ubuntuone-client-gnome Install window for ubuntuone-client-gnome 3. Start Client Now that you have the software installed, you'll need to authorize it. On your computer, click on Applications » Internet » Ubuntu One to start the process. 4. Internet menu with the Ubuntu One option Add Your Computer The final step is adding your computer to your Ubuntu One account. A web page will launch after clicking Ubuntu One in the previous step (see the image below). Simply click on 'Add this Computer'. Because this is your computer, it's necessary for you to explicitly allow the software to access your Ubuntu One account. 5. Show confirmation of authentication Start Using Ubuntu One You should now see a Ubuntu One icon in your panel. This is typically at the top of your Ubuntu desktop. Right clicking on that icon will give you a few different options including the ability to go to our web interface for managing files.. Congratulations! Now you can copy or upload files to get them into Ubuntu One. We encourage you to share, sync, and use it in creative ways! Use the applet to interact with Ubuntu One

September 2009

Ubuntu One : Plans

Ubuntu One Plans * Free 2GB * Seamless integration with your Ubuntu based computer * Sync files between multiple machines * Access to your files away from your computers via our web interface * Free Plan, 2GB of Storage

Ubuntu One : Home

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Ubuntu One helps you store, sync and share Sync your files, share your work with others or work remotely, all with your Ubuntu computers. Getting started * Subscribe to Ubuntu One * Install our software on your Ubuntu computer

July 2009

DivShare - Log In

Not a member yet? Sign up for a free account and get the web's best professional document and media sharing.

December 2006

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