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19 July 2018 16:30

Ybarra A. - A Practical Method for Learning Spanish / Практический метод для освоения испанского языка [1885, DjVu, SPA / ENG] ::

A Practical Method for Learning Spanish pic Год выпуска: 1885 Автор: Alejandro Ybarra Жанр: билингва Издательство: Ginn & Co. Формат: DjVu Качество: OCR с ошибками Количество страниц: 345 Язык: испанский/английский Описание: Each lesson is divided into three parts.The first part is composed of importent wordsand phrases, idiomatic constructions peculiar to the language, and exercises in the conjugationof the verbs. This part, being the basis of language, should be learned by heart.