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20 June 2018 01:30

Berlitz Premier Spanish package [MP3 / CD-image] ::

Berlitz Premier Spanish package pic Год выпуска: February 2008 Автор: Berlitz Publishing (Editor) Категория: интерактивный и аудио курс Разработчик: Berlitz Publishing (Editor) Издатель: Ber; 1 Blg edition ISBN-10: 0841600449 ISBN-13: 978-0841600447 Язык курса: английский Формат: MP3 (128kbps 44kHz Stereo) ISO (образ Nero) Описание: Learn a foreign language the easy way with the straightforward, effective software system from Berlitz, the most respected name in language learning. Developed by an editorial staff of 30 teachers, Berlitz Premier package makes learning fast, fun and effective. This Berlitz Premier Spanish package lets you learn in 3 easy ways: 1. The computer learning is a variation of the Transparent Language immersion learning system. You will learn by listening to actual conversations. Anytime you come across a word or phrase that you don't understand, just click on it and the English translation will be provided. You can also look up the grammar associated with the word, phrase or sentence. Slow down the dialog so you can hear each word clearly. You can record and play back your own voice - and advanced speech analysis will help you perfect your accent. Play innovative games to make your learning fast and fun! Includes a computer "flash card" program "Before You Know It" that will teach you more than 1,000 words. System Requirements: 2. 4 Audio CDs are included so that you can learn away from your computer. Play the CDs in your car while traveling or while walking or doing housework! This will reinforce the computer learning. 3. Innovative iPod Exercises - and more! Practice your vocabulary using your iPod or other MP3 Player. Test your proficiency with word lists that match the software. Plus -- Flash card software (Before You Know It) for your Palm or Pocket PC , Vocabulary Building Screensaver, and more