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Launchy is a free windows utility designed to help you forget about your start menu, your desktop icons, and your file manager. Launchy indexes and launches your applications, documents, project files, folders, and bookmarks with just a few keystrokes!

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BASIC-256 - Programming for Kids

Beginner * Tutorial One - Welcome to BASIC-256 * Tutorial Two - Doing your math homework the easy way * Tutorial Three - Drawing Pictures Intermediate * Tutorial Four - Variables Advanced * Tutorial Ten - Animation

BASIC-256 - Programming for Kids

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The BASIC-256 project (formerly KidBASIC) has changed its name to avoid any potential conflict/confusion with another project with the same name. Thank you for your patience and continued support. Introduction BASIC-256 is an easy to use version of BASIC designed to teach young children the basics of computer programming. It uses traditional control structures like gosub, for/next, and goto, which helps kids easily see how program flow-control works. It has a built-in graphics mode which lets them draw pictures on screen in minutes, and a set of detailed, easy-to-follow tutorials that introduce programming concepts through fun exercises. BASIC-256 is licensed under the GNU public license, which means that it's free to download, modify, and share.

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K-Meleon - O Navegador Que Você Controla K-Meleon é um navegador Web extremamente rápido, personalizável e leve para a plataforma Windows (Win32), baseado na tecnologia Gecko (tecnologia do Mozilla). K-Meleon é gratuito, de código aberto (Open Source) e foi liberado sob a licença GNU General Public License. Para obter links às seções do Wiki do K-Meleon, visite a página Bem-vindo. Você também pode procurar nas páginas Wiki por documentos relacionados à uma pergunta específica. Para Traduções das páginas Wiki, clique na bandeira de seu país à esquerda. Você pode ler a lista de Características disponíveis no K-Meleon antes de Baixar a última versão disponível (versão atual 1.02) e para experimentá-lo. Você também pode ver algumas Capturas de Tela antes, se desejar saber como é a "cara" do K-Meleon. As últimas informações sobre o desenvolvimento do K-Meleon estão na seção de Notícias. Outras notícias, incluindo links para artigos externos e revisões do K-Meleon podem ser encontrados na Central de Imprensa. Na seção de Documentação, você pode ler sobre a História do K-Meleon, verificar as Perguntas Mais Freqüentes e os Tutoriais ou ler o Guia do Usuário e o Manual de Referência. Há também um Guia de Instalação e textos que descrevem como instalar e usar Plugins de Terceiros, como o plugin Java, Flash e RealPlayer, bem como muitos outros. Dentre os Recursos, você encontrará: Temas, Skins & Throbbers, Ícones, Botões e Banners, Links para recursos externos e Traduções do programa. A seção de Recursos é também o lugar para encontrar e compartilhar Macros, as quais expandem as características do K-Meleon através do plugin de macros. Por favor, Contribua para este projeto como programador, beta-tester, escritor de documentação, Tradutor, artista, editor de notícias ou de qualquer outra forma. Nós precisamos de sua ajuda! Latest News 2008-07-18: K-Meleon 1.1.6, an update to Gecko engine was released. 2008-04-08: K-Meleon 1.1.5, an update to Gecko engine was released. This version is now also available in simplified Chinese. 2008-02-11: K-Meleon 1.1.4, an update to Gecko engine was released. 2007-11-26: K-Meleon 1.1.3, an update to Gecko engine was released. It includes the new Update Checker Plugin, which is automatically checking for new releases once a week. 2007-08-08: K-Meleon 1.1.2, an update to Mozilla codebase was released. It includes some bug fixes. 2007-05-22: K-Meleon 1.1 was released, based on Mozilla codebase. It includes numerous important updates. Currently available in English, German, French, Spanish and Russian.

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The Puzzler is a jigsaw puzzle game written in python, using pygame. It aims to be a realistic simulation of working a real jigsaw puzzle using a large virtual table space. Skill levels from child puzzle to insane jigsaw masters will be supported.

30 June 2008 19:00

Little Wizard - download

You have selected to download the 1.2.0rc1 release. Below is a list of files contained in this release. Before downloading, you may want to read the release notes.

29 June 2008 19:00

schoolsplay - FRESHMEAT

Schoolsplay is a collection of educational activities for children. Schoolsplay resembles the approach taken by the Childsplay and Gcompris projects but is designed to be less like a collection of games. Because it's aimed at schools, it also provides data collection to produce reports about a child's results per activity. The data will be accessible to the teacher by means of an admin module. The design is modular and the activities and skins are grouped in packages

21 June 2008 03:00

Tux Paint

A drawing program for young children with sound effects, a cartoon character, and fun 'rubber stamp'/'stickerbook' pictures.


Childsplay is a 'suite' of educational games for young children. It's written in Python and uses the SDL-libraries to make it more games-like then, for instance, gcompris. The aim is to be educational and at the same time be fun to play.

21 June 2008 02:00

GCompris : I got IT

GCompris is a full featured educational application that propose different activities to children from 3 to 10. This is a GNU Package. It is designed in a way that makes it easy to add new boards.

31 May 2008 09:00

The desklets

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To use a given desklet, download and extract it, see the README and follow the instructions. From adesklets 0.5.0, you also have an adesklets_installer script to partially automate the task; see the documentation to know more. Desklets also have their atom feed (see, in case you want to stay informed on new/updated desklets as soon as they are listed here. Missing an entry? Maybe the desklet you are searching for has been moved to the graveyard.

07 May 2008 15:00

Lubi Installation Tutorial

A step-by-step tutorial showing how to easily install Ubuntu from any Linux distribution using Lubi, homepage at no repartitioning, cd, or commands needed! The Lubi application and this tutorial video were both created by Geza

Lubi, LVPM, UNetbootin, and Bubakup - Portal

Lubi The Linux-based Ubuntu Installer allows users of any modern Linux distribution to install Ubuntu without needing to use a CD or repartition the hard drive. Once installed, the user will be able to boot between their original Linux distribution and Ubuntu, and can either upgrade the Lubi install using LVPM, or easily remove the Ubuntu install.

07 May 2008 14:00

Wubi - Ubuntu Installer for Windows

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Wubi is an officially supported Ubuntu installer for Windows users that can bring you to the Linux world with a single click. Wubi allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu as any other Windows application, in a simple and safe way. Are you curious about Linux and Ubuntu? Trying them out has never been easier!

02 May 2008 19:00