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14 June 2009 04:45

Cheese/FAQ - GNOME Live!

Frequently Asked Questions Please read through these common questions and answers before emailing the mailing list. Please do email the mailing list if you want to change or add items to this page, thanks! Contents 1. Frequently Asked Questions 1. I'm getting a really slow response with the video, the video is sluggish and everything looks quite slow, like as the video lags, what could i do? 2. Where can I set those things mentioned in the answer above? 3. My webcam works with gstreamer, but does not with cheese... What's wrong? 4. My webcam works with ekiga, camorama, but not with cheese... What's wrong? 5. Do you know another Chuck Norris joke? 6. Where does cheese store my photos? 7. My Quickcam Express (qc-usb driver) doesn't work with Cheese (or gstreamer), and I see errors like "Not enough buffers. We got 1, we want at least 2" in the Cheese output. 8. Why are my Effect selection buttons displayed as blank grey rectangles?