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Inkscape. Draw Freely.

User Documentation Inkscape Books Tavmjong Bah is writing a book on Inkscape, available here: or as a printed book or e-book from Lulu: A Guide to Inkscape. An international group of contributors is writing a new book licensed under GPL3 and published at FLOSS Manuals. Printed version will soon be available from Lulu. If you want to help writing it or make a localized version, please subscribe to inkscape-docs@ mailing list and tell us! There is also a book in French, written by Elisa de Castro Guerra: french Inkscape : Apprenez, pratiquez, créez. Additionally, there is a great book on SVG, which is a W3C standard which Inkscape relies on for storing its documents, called "Learn SVG: The Web Graphics Standard" and available in English and French.

Inkscape. Draw Freely.

Version 0.47 gallery/thumbs/inkscape-0.47-tweakaroo_thumb.png Several new modes in the Tweak tool - Move, Move In/Out, Move Jitter, Scale, Rotate, and Duplicate/Delete - make it possible to easily and naturally manipulate any number of separate objects, such as a tiling of clones. With a few soft brush strokes, you can turn a regular tiling into a freeform cloud, "power field," or even a complete drawing as in this example.


Eyecandy for LinuxMint -

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