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Protetor de Tela (Screensaver)

Protetor de Tela (Screensaver) PDF Imprimir E-mail Informações O Apostolado da Divina Misericórdia tem como objetivo divulgar a Devoção da Divina Misericórdia. Disse o próprio Jesus à Santa Faustina: A Humanidade não encontrará a paz enquanto não se voltar, com confiança, para a Minha misericórdia (Diário de Santa Faustina, parágrafo n. 300). Estamos distribuindo gratuitamente um Protetor de Tela com imagens de Jesus Misericordioso, de Santa Faustina e o Terço da Divina Misericórdia. O Protetor de Tela, também conhecido como "screensaver", é um programa de computador que entra em ação quando o computador fica sem uso por vários minutos. Para copiar este programa que vai exibir o Terço da Divina Misericórdia em seu computador clique aqui.


Blue Joy

Description: Blue-Joy is a combination of the Blue-Junior GTK theme, Azur GTK theme and the Slickness Metacity theme. I have made a lot of special modifications myself. The drop down menus, panel, check boxes, radio boxes, buttons and tabs are all custom designed for this theme. The icon theme used in the desktop screen shot is "Elementary Icons". Because this is a black theme it has some colored text bugs in Firefox 2 (Firefox 3 does not have this problem). In Firefox, some pages have white background with white text,to fix this go to (in Firefox) Edit>Preferences>>Content ,click on colors, Uncheck the "Use system colors" check box Then restart Firefox. To have white text in the Firefox menubar you must modify userChrome.css Add the following code to your userChrome.css file. userChrome.css is located at: /home/{YOUR USERNAME}/.mozilla/firefox/{YOUR PROFILE ID}/chrome/userChrome.css

Cornell Box

Description: Here are two of my custom made OpenGL screen savers. Select them in the preferences window -- the names to look for are 'Cornell Box' and 'Cornell Golf.' You need to have 3D acceleration for them to work properly. Any card made within the last 8 years should do fine. I tested them with an old GeForce2 MX 400 and a new GeForce 7300GT, and there's no difference. One is the famous Cornell-Box Global-Illumination scene. In the other, the two standard boxes have been replaced with some nice 'Spalding Top-Flite PLUS' golf-balls. The models, finite-flement radiosity solution, and light maps were made ages ago with Blender 1.80a. A simple python script was used to export to C code. Download here: Note: The instructions below are for Ubuntu. Your distribution may use a different default location for the files. To install type: cd / sudo unzip ~/ To remove type: cd / sudo rm `unzip -Zl1 ~/` Hint: if you download to the Desktop then use ~/Desktop/ as the file name. Changelog: Updated to xscreensaver-5.05 License: Artistic 2.0