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12 August 2009 04:45

En:HOWTOs - Sabayon

Networking See also Category:Networking * HOWTO: Setting up PPTP VPN connection in konsole * HOWTO: Replace NM with WICD * HOWTO: NM7 Create a STATIC IP * HOWTO: Creating a STATIC IP --deprecated * HOWTO: Get networking and network services working in Sabayon aka The Networking Guide * HOWTO: Sharing e-mail between Sabayon Linux and Windows on a dual boot PC * HOWTO: Passwordless SSH with Single Signon * HOWTO: Connecting to PPPoE (xDSL) service as non-root user * HOWTO: Passwordless Samba Share * HOWTO: LAMP Server (Sabayon Linux 3.5 - Apache2 - MySQL - PHP) by Jeff Szusz * HOWTO: Huawei e220 and e169 * HOWTO: Vista printer sharing * HOWTO: Changing the hostname * HOWTO: XBOX360 Internet Through Laptop

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Sabayon Linux Four Oh!

Sabayon Linux Download Mirrors Sabayon, free of charge, batteries included and on your own Computer. What are you waiting for? Select the location closer to you and start downloading a new experience.

12 August 2009 03:30

27 July 2008 23:30

Sabayon Linux Project Website

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dreams we can believe in Our dream is called Sabayon. You know it, the best way to realize your dreams is waking up and start moving, never lose hope and always keep up. This is what the Operating System we created does: realize your dreams making desktop, office, server computing easier day by day. Join us, for free. Enter our Community | Download | Shots | Donate !