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17 November 2008 10:00

“GNOME Do Plugin Development” branch in Launchpad

GNOME Do Plugin Development Project: GNOME Do Plugins Status: Development Get this branch: bzr branch lp:do-plugins Upload URL: Members of GNOME Do Plugins Team can upload to this branch. Log in for directions. Branch format: Branch format 6 Repository format: Packs containing knits without subtree support

GnomeDo/Plugins - Ubuntu Wiki

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Do 0.5.x: As of GNOME Do version 0.5 all plugins listed as "working" or "stable" can and should be installed using the "Plugins" tab in GNOME Do's preference window. You also can manually install plugins by putting the DLL file in ~/.local/share/gnome-do/plugins and restarting GNOME Do.

17 November 2008 09:00

GnomeDo/Use - Ubuntu Wiki

Start GNOME Do by selecting the GNOME Do entry in the Applications > Accessories menu, or by executing the command gnome-do. Once the application is running, you can summon it by pressing Super Space. On most keyboards the super key is the same as the Windows key or the Command key. If you'd like to use a different keybinding for GNOME Do, see #Configuration. You should see a dialog with a search icon and two panes in the center of your screen. The pane on the left is the item pane, which shows the item you have selected, and the pane on the right is the action pane, which shows the action you wish to perform on the item.

17 November 2008 06:00

Main Page - GNOME Do Wiki

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GNOME Do (Do) is an intelligent launcher tool that makes performing common tasks on your computer simple and efficient. Do not only allows you to search for items in your desktop environment (e.g. applications, contacts, bookmarks, files, music), it also allows you to specify actions to perform on search results (e.g. run, open, email, chat, play)

11 September 2008 11:00

A powerful, speedy, and sexy remote control for your GNOME Desktop

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A powerful, speedy, and sexy remote control for your GNOME Desktop. Oh, and it's powerful, speedy, and sexy on other GNU/Linux desktop environments, too! GNOME Do allows you to quickly search for many items present in your GNOME desktop environment and perform useful actions on those items. GNOME Do is inspired by Quicksilver and GNOME Launch Box.

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