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April 2009 PySolFC: Files

You have selected the PySolFC-1.1 release. Please choose the file that best matches your architecture or operating system from the list of files contained in this release

July 2008

Python Tutorial

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Python Tutorial Guido van Rossum Python Software Foundation Email: Fred L. Drake, Jr., editor Release 2.5.2 21st February, 2008

June 2008

The Python SQL Toolkit and Object Relational Mapper

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SQLAlchemy is the Python SQL toolkit and Object Relational Mapper that gives application developers the full power and flexibility of SQL. It provides a full suite of well known enterprise-level persistence patterns, designed for efficient and high-performing database access, adapted into a simple and Pythonic domain language. SQLALCHEMY'S PHILOSOPHY SQL databases behave less like object collections the more size and performance start to matter; object collections behave less like tables and rows the more abstraction starts to matter. SQLAlchemy aims to accommodate both of these principles. SQLAlchemy doesn't view databases as just collections of tables; it sees them as relational algebra engines. Its object relational mapper enables classes to be mapped against the database in more than one way. SQL constructs don't just select from just tables—you can also select from joins, subqueries, and unions. Thus database relationships and domain object models can be cleanly decoupled from the beginning, allowing both sides to develop to their full potential.


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News * (23-June-2008) wxPython is now available. This release had a number of further refinements and enhancements on the stable 2.8 source tree since the previous release. On Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) the Python 2.5 binaries of wxPython are able to be used with either Apple's system Python, or with the version. More details are in the Recent Changes document. * (29-Nov-2007) wxPython is now available. This release has had some bugs fixed, some minor patches applied, and also incorporates the Google Summer of Code 2007 version of XRCed, and adds the Editra source code editor. NOTE: On Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) the Python 2.5 binaries of wxPython expect to be used with the user-installed version of MacPython, not the Apple installed version. A fix for this issue is being worked on for the next release. In the meantime you can either install MacPython 2.5.1 and adjust your paths so that that Python is used, or you can stick with Apple's Python and the wxPython that comes with Leopard. * (26-Oct-2007) wxPython is now available. This release has some important bug fixes and is a general improvement over * (27-Sept-2007) wxPython been released. This release is mostly about fixing a number of bugs and inconsistencies in wxWidgets and wxPython. * (13-Sept-2007) The mail lists are up and are working on processing all the queued messages. This was definitely a "when it rains it pours" kind of situation, see the DotSrc news archive for more details. * (10-Sept-2007) Yes, the mail lists are down and have been since the 8th. There were multiple disk failures in RAID5 array of the machine that hosts the mail lists. The hardware has been replaced and data is being restored from tape backups. * (8-Aug-2007) wxPython been released. This release includes several fixes and a few additions and improvements, as well as new build features for Debian/Ubuntu and OS X. * (14-May-2007) wxPython has been released, with lots of updates, fixes and improvements. * (22-Mar-2007) wxPython has been released. This release includes a number of bug fixes and also some new enhancements, including updates to the XRCed tool and the new InspectionTool. * (20-Jan-2007) wxPython has been released. This release adds a few minor enhancements and a number of bug fixes designed to further stabalize the 2.8.x release series. DOCUMENTATION

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Python Documentation Python's standard documentation is substantial; download your own copy or browse it online! * Download Current Documentation (many formats are available, including typeset versions for printing.) * Search the docs with pyhelp.cgi * Browse Current Documentation - (Module Index) o Tutorial o Library Reference o Macintosh Reference o Language Reference o Extending and Embedding o Python/C API See also previous versions of these documents Future versions of these documents (currently under development): * Python 2.6 * Python 3.0 A variety of additional documentation is available as well: * Beginner's Guide to Python * Quick Reference Guide (off-site) * New-style classes (aka descrintro) * HOWTO documents (off-site) * Topic guides * Other documentation collections * Python Books * Python book reviews (off-site) * Python Periodicals * Guido's essays and presentations * Non-English documents * PEPs (Python Enhancement Proposals) as well as collections of audio/visual materials and reusable slideshows: * Audio/Visual talks * 5-minute Get-Acquainted screencasts * Slideshow collections

April 2008

March 2008

Aprenda Computacao com Python

Bem vindo ao site do mutirão de tradução do livro "How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python", de Allen Downey, Jeffrey Elkner e Chris Meyers. Todo o conteúdo deste site pode ser reproduzido livremente, nos termos da licença GNU FDL (Free Documentation License)

PyKaraoke - Python Powered Karaoke - Links

PyKaraoke Related Sites Sourceforge - PyKaraoke Development Page Freshmeat - PyKaraoke Project Page Gnomefiles - PyKaraoke Project Page CD+G / MP3+G Information Karaoke-Tutor - MP3+G Information CD+G FAQ - Useful CD+G related Links CD+G Revealed - Details on the CD+G standard Wikipedia - Karaoke entry CD+G Ripper cdgtools - Open Source CD+G disk ripper for Linux Other Linux Players Plarpebu - Open source MP3+G/KAR player for Windows, Linux, Mac

January 2008

Labyrinth Map Your Mind

Labyrinth is a lightweight mind-mapping tool, written in Python using Gtk and Cairo to do the drawing. It is intended to be as light and intuitive as possible, but still provide a wide range of powerful features. A mind-map is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks or other items linked to and arranged radially around a central key word or idea. It is used to generate, visualise, structure and classify ideas, and as an aid in study, organisation, problem solving, and decision making. (From wikipedia) Read more UBUNTU : AVAILABLE : DISPONIVEL NO ACRESCENTAR/REMOVER APLICAÇÕES

pyneighborhood sourceforge

pyNeighborhood is GTK+ 2 rewrite of a well-known GTK+ 1 tool LinNeighborhood(using pyGTK), so it is the GUI frontend for samba tools, such as smbclient, smbmount etc. It's written in Python and uses the GTK+ 2 toolkit with pyGTK implementation.

DrPython - SourceForge

DrPython is a highly customizable cross-platform ide to aid programming in Python. It was developed with teaching in mind, and has a clean, simple interface. It is written in Python, using wxPython as the gui.

DrPython - Default branch

About: DrPython is a highly customizable, simple, and clean editing environment for developing Python programs. It is intended primarily for use in schools, and is a tribute to DrScheme.

medit the text editor

* Configurable syntax highlighting. * Configurable keyboard accelerators. * Multiplatform - works both on unix and windows. * Plugins: can be written in C or Python. * Configurable tools available from the main and context menus. They can be written in Python, or it can be a shell script, or in MooScript - simple builtin scripting lanugage. * Regular expression search/replace, grep and find frontends, builtin file selector and whatnot. * See screenshots.


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DrPython is a highly customizable, extensible editor/environment for developing programs written in the Python programming Language. It is implemented in wxPython. (wxPython is a set of python bindings (and extra widgets) for wxWidgets). It uses Scintilla for the Text Controls.

December 2007 - » Bazaar, um novo sistema de controle de versões

Acaba de sair a versão 1.0 do Bazaar. Bazaar é um sistema de controle de versões desenvolvido em Python, com licença livre GPL e multiplataforma.