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06 July 2008 05:15

Jigs@w Puzzle 2

Jigs@w Puzzle 2 Jigs@w Puzzle 2 is a truly realistic jigsaw puzzle game which has everything you need to create and play great-looking puzzles. The game provides a very comfortable puzzling environment and superb graphics. Intricately shaped pieces have slick outlines, and beveled edges, and cast real shadows. Download Now [14 MB] Click to download the most favorite edition. See More Click for more information, downloads, screenshots or demo video. System Requirements MS Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista, Intel Pentium processor or compatible or better, 32MB of RAM or more, OpenGL 1.1 (3D gallery) or higher, DirectX 8.0 (playing music and movie puzzles) or higher

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