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August 2009

Classroom - FedoraProject

Contents [hide] * 1 Introduction * 2 Upcoming Classes * 3 Mailing List * 4 Help wanted * 5 Teaching a class o 5.1 Suggest a Class * 6 Classroom Archive o 6.1 Aug 05 (20090805) o 6.2 July 30 (20090730) o 6.3 July 21 (20090721) o 6.4 July 12 (20090712) o 6.5 June 7 (20090607) Introduction The Fedora Classroom is a project to teach interested users of Fedora how to better use, understand and manage their Distribution. Currently, All classes are held on IRC in the #fedora-classroom on If you are not familiar with IRC, see the Fedora IRC HowTo . If there is a session you would like to see, please suggest it and we'll do our best to accommodate the request.

August 2008

Revista Fedora Brasil | Fedora Brasil - Site oficial do Projeto Fedora Brasileiro

Revista Fedora Brasil A Revista Fedora Brasil é uma iniciativa do Projeto Fedora Brasil para trazer à comunidade uma publicação bimestral com artigos escritos por especialistas da Comunidade e do Projeto.BAIXE A SUA!