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Phatch - Photo Batch Processor

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Getting More Bang Out of Your Dual Processing Buck : Getting The Most Out Of Software By Properly Assigning Threads - Tom's Hardware

NECESSÁRIO PARA RODAR O synfig NO WINDOWS? SÓ PARA DUPLOS PROCESSADORES? A dual-processor system with two 3 GHz Xeon processors does not automatically have the same kind of power as a 6 GHz computer. The application and the operating system have to support symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) or HyperThreading (HT) for performance to improve. Also, the native management features of the operating system aren't always as effective as you might imagine. However, THG offers a software utility that allows you to switch over to manual operation. As our benchmarks show, you can push your dual-processor system to even higher levels of performance. Download the THG Task Assignment Manager If your applications have already been optimized for multiprocessing, the utility will not be particularly helpful. You can only draw some extra juice out of a multiprocessor system if you are running several applications without SMP support simultaneously. For example, while a CPU is compressing a movie in MPEG2 format with MainConcept software, the other CPU can be used for office applications or your Internet browser.