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A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux

A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux(R) Summary: English | Prentice Hall PTR | December 28, 2007 | 1200 pages | ISBN : 013236039X,0132360395 | PDF | 7.7MB Product Description: Praise for A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux® “I am so impressed by how Mark Sobell can approach a complex topic in such an understandable manner. His command examples are especially useful in providing a novice (or even advanced) administrator with a cookbook on how to accomplish real-world tasks on Linux. He is truly an inspired technical writer!” –George Vish II, Senior Education Consultant, Hewlett-Packard Company “Overall, I think it’s a great, comprehensive Ubuntu book that’ll be a valuable resource for people of all technical levels.” –John Dong, Ubuntu Forum Council Member, Backports Team Leader “The JumpStart sections really offer a quick way to get things up and running, allowing you to dig into the details of his books later.” –Scott Mann, Aztek Networks “Ubuntu is gaining popularity at the rate alcohol did during prohibition, and it’s great to see a well-known author write a book on the latest and greatest version. Not only does it contain Ubuntu-specific information, but it also touches on general computer-related topics, which will help the average computer user to better understand what’s going on in the background. Great work, Mark!” –Daniel R. Arfsten, Pro/ENGINEER Drafter/Designer Download links . Please select one mirror to download download download (Report broken link) download download (Report broken link) Echo 0 Items Admin Log In Edit My Profile Moderation General Settings Admin Notices Get this for your site JS-Kit Blog JS-Kit on Twitter Help