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21 June 2009 10:30

Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition Support | - Portable software for USB drives

Using Firefox Portable To start up Firefox Portable, just double-click FirefoxPortable.exe file where you installed Portable Firefox on your portable drive. Then, use it just like you would a local copy of Firefox. There are a couple of things to keep in mind: * Stay Safe - When using portable apps, it's always a good idea to practice Safe Portable App-ing. * Removing Your Drive - When you're done, exit Firefox and then wait for the activity light on your removable drive to stop flashing. This may take a minute or more on slow drives or computers. Then select the 'Safely remove [device]' option from the icon in the system tray. If you remove the drive while it is writing, you may lose data.

Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition | - Portable software for USB drives

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Support osi_certified.pngFor help getting Firefox Portable up and running, visit Firefox Portable Support: * Installing Firefox Portable * Using Firefox Portable * Upgrading Firefox Portable * Copying your local Firefox settings to Firefox Portable * Improving Firefox Portable's Performance * Installing Plugins (Flash, Shockwave, etc.) * Running From a CD (Firefox Portable Live) * Configuring Helper Apps (PDF reader, document viewers, etc) Note: Using helper apps and closing them after closing Firefox Portable may have privacy implications, read for more details. * Known Issues * Modifications * Version History

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