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September 2009

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# record using your phone or VoIP Recording audio has never been easier! Simply call us using a touch-tone telephone or a VoIP client. No microphone or audio editing software required. VoIP recording is FREE! Telephone recording is just $0.10/min - there are no other costs involved. # create podcasts Are you an audiophile? No. Then why concern yourself with the complexities of podcasting? Let us do the heavy lifting. Yes. Upload your studio produced episodes. Each of your channels can be subscribed to by an RSS client like iTunes, IE7, Firefox or any number of web-based portals. # post audio to your blogs Post audio content to your blogs! We integrate with popular blogging software like Blogger, TypePad, WordPress and more! # create audio greetings Create audio greetings to welcome users to your website! Or use a greeting as an audio avatar or signature in an email! # host conference calls Connect with colleagues and friends in conference calls! # tell me more

Record by phone with

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November 2008

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