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19 April 2018 19:00

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I'm a theatre director and playwright who has spent his life in the United States, England, Brazil and Germany. After graduating as a reader of philosophy at the British Museum Reading Room, I began my life in the theater at Ellen Stewart's La MaMa E.T.C. in New York City. During this period I also became an illustrator for the Op-Ed page of the New York Times while conducting workshops at the theater where I adapted and directed world premieres of Samuel Beckett's prose and dramatic pieces. In the early 80s, I began working with Beckett himself in Paris (after a lot of correspondence had been exchanged between us for almost two years), adapting new fiction by the author. Of these, the more notorious were All Strange Away and That Time starring the Living Theatre founder, Julian Beck in his only stage acting role outside of his own company. Shortly thereafter, I began a long-term partnership with composer Philip Glass. I'm still active in the theater and opera worldwide

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