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March 2010

Kubuntu/NetbookPlasma - Ubuntu Wiki

* Kubuntu * NetbookPlasma You are here: Kubuntu Wiki » Kubuntu » NetbookPlasma kubuntu.png Kubuntu Home About News & Media Support Get Kubuntu! headquarters.png Headquarters Roadmap Netbook Teams Team Reports Meetings Communication organization.png Organization Membership Community team-development.png Development Artwork Documentation Packaging Bug Triage calendar.png Calendar Meeting: Thu 21 Jan 20:00UTC Hugs: Hug Day! 27th February, details. Tutorials: TBD REVU: TBD {*} Join us in the #kubuntu chat room for support, the #kubuntu-devel chat room for general development or #kubuntu-netbook for Kubuntu Netbook Edition development. {*} Netbooks are different than larger computers and Plasma Netbook is meant to provide a different way to interact with them. This is a new project for KDE that is planned for release with KDE 4.4 in February 2010. KDE and Kubuntu developers are working together to integrate this exciting new concept into Kubuntu's KDE 4.3 for our Karmic Koala (9.10) release. Plasma netbook is the heart of the new Kubuntu Netbook Edition. Rather than repeat what various upstream developers have had to say about it. Here are some links: * Description with YouTube videos * Ars Technical article * Aaron Seigo's Plasma Netbook manifesto * Technical paper * Associated presentation slides This is not just about making Kubuntu smaller, but delivering a novel netbook experience that will be better. Currently Plasma Netbook has some rough edges. It is still under heavy development upstream and will get better. Upstream is interested in feedback. We are aware of a number of issues already, but want to hear more so we can deliver the best netbook experience. Please file bugs.

July 2009

Social Desktop

Welcome to the Social Desktop Contest! What is it? Last year the vision of the Social Desktop was born. The idea is to bring the power of online communities and group collaboration to desktop applications. One of the strongest assets of the free software community is our worldwide community of developers and users who believe in free software and who work hard to bring our software and solutions to the mainstream. wants to help to make this vision reality. We decided to launch a contest for applications, services and programs using it. Here is the challenge: create and submit applications, widgets, plasmoids or web services etc. as part of the contest and win one of our wonderful prizes.

May 2009


Description: I took this picture a few days ago at the Wenningstedt beach (island Sylt, North Sea, Germany). It was a rather stormy and grey day but suddenly the sun came out for a few seconds which inspired me to take this picture. The resolution is widescreen 1920x1200. Changelog: 2006-09-14: added preview in 1920x1200 without text License: Artistic 2.0

Vistar7 - Windows 7 Transformation Pack

Description: ****************Vistar7 Transformation Pack for Kubuntu Jaunty**************** *******************Vistar7 - Because Vi is the real star;-)******************* ************* ATTENTION! ************* Please! Help spread the word! Write about this transformation pack on forums, desktop customization sites, blog about it, digg it etc. And please, please, seed! Mirrors are also welcome ************************************** Vistar7 Transformation Pack makes Kubuntu Jaunty 9.04 looks and in some areas works like Windows 7. This transformation pack is for private use only! It was made purely for educational purposes. It's a proof of concept, showing how flexible is KDE4 and that Windows7 interface is really similar to KDE4. It is NOT RECOMMENDED FOR DAILY USE because it comes with absolutely no support, updates, fixes etc. You are on your own with all problems concerning this transformation pack. Tested on fresh Kubuntu Jaunty 9.04. It was nice to work on this pack, but I believe that original KDE4 is better:).


Description: This is the first theme I made on my own. So it is not another port (as my other themes). I have however "borrowed" some artwork, like the sun from Liquid Weather etc. and the wallpaper is not made by me. This will be my last theme (said so before, but now I mean it ;) ) and I wanted the last theme to be something I made my self. License: Do as you please with it :P

Air update (plasma theme)

Description: This is a KDE 4.3 air plasma theme. I found source it from : I download the src.rpm and repakage it to tar file. so now it use any KDE 4.X desktop. SVN update

Black is BeautiFull

Homepage: Downloads: 336 Submitted: Apr 11 2009 Updated: May 13 2009 Score: score58X%score 58% good bad good Description: A purely black wallpaper for Linux environment.


Description: This is a glassified Plasma Theme. In v2.4 a better support for thin panels and a better space-saving has been reached. By popular request the old style Version is also available. See also: Glassified Splash Glassified KDM I hope you like it and leave a comment if you want!