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07 July 2009 15:30

PDFCreator download

Gratuito Tamanho: 16,70 MB 220.784 downloads Sistema: Windows XP/98/2000 Empresa: Pdfforge PDFCreator é uma ferramenta especializada na criação de arquivos PDF a partir de qualquer programa do Windows. E o melhor: é gratuito, até mesmo para uso comercial! Então não hesite! Se você precisa criar arquivos PDF em casa, no seu escritório ou empresa, aqui está a solução!

22 July 2008 03:15

by 3 others
Welcome to is a site dedicated to our OpenSource projects that will help you in forging PDFs just as they are supposed to be. To get an overview have a look at our products. Why OpenSource? OpenSource software gives you the flexibility and reliability that you need. You can be really sure, that noone has placed spyware or other malicious software in it, because you can look into the source. You can also extend the software for your needs, crop unwanted features or make it look nicer in you environment. OpenSource software also has a large community, that contributes experience and improvements. With this amount of testing bugs are found and fixed quickly. In PDFCreator, the community has also created a large amount of translations, that further improve the easyness with that PDFCreator runs on other machines than english. The best example for successful open source development might be the new internet browser Firefox. If you do not know Firefox, then we have some more information for you

22 July 2008 02:00

PDFCreator Download

Crie documentos PDF a partir de qualquer aplicação que imprima documentos. Ele simula um impressora virtual, e todos documentos impressos nela são automaticamente convertidos para PDF. Roda em Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP

22 July 2008 01:45

PDFCreator |

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PDFCreator is a free tool to create PDF files from nearly any Windows application. Key Features: * Create PDFs from any program that is able to print * Security: Encrypt PDFs and protect them from being opened, printed etc. * Send generated files via eMail * Create more than just PDFs: PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, PCX, PS, EPS * AutoSave files to folders and filenames based on Tags like Username, Computername, Date, Time etc. * Merge multiple files into one PDF * Easy Install: Just say what you want and everything is installed * Terminal Server: PDFCreator also runs on Terminal Servers without problems * And the best: PDFCreator is free, even for commercial use! It is Open Source and released under the Terms of the GNU General Public License

22 July 2008 01:30