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Speak Now 3: iTools - : : Free download English E-Books

Speak Now is a four-level speaking course which develops students’ communication skills both in and out of the classroom. Every activity in Speak Now includes a speaking component. Video activities are integrated every four lessons, providing real-life language models for students. Speak Now can also be expanded into a four-skills course through extra activities available in the Workbook and on iTools. The Multi-Skill Bonus Pack, available on Speak Now iTools, features targeted activities across every skill area. Encourage your students to improve their listening, speaking and pronunciation skills outside class with Speak Now Online Practice. The speak and record facility lets your students send you their speaking activities for grading and feedback. A range of interactive teacher tools allow you to track each individual students’ progress, monitor their grades, and keep in touch with them.

Oxford Brasil | Oxford University Press - Brasil

Endereço Oxford University Press Av. Jaguaré, 818 Galpões 30/31 Jaguaré CEP: 05346-000 São Paulo – SP Brazil Telefone: (11) 3613-2244 Fax: (11) 3611-1731 Contato Para informações sobre nossos produtos e serviços, por favor, entre em contato com o representante OUP responsável por sua região ou através dos canais abaixo: E-mail: Tel.: (11) 3613-2244 Trabalhe Conosco E-mail: Distribuidor Por favor, veja nossa página Onde Comprar. Nossa Equipe

Hutchinson, Tom - English For Life - Beginner (CD-ROM and CLASS AUDIO) [2007, PDF, nrg] ::

ENGLISH FOR LIFE BEGINNER (Student's Book with Multi-rom) pic Год выпуска: 2007 Автор: Hutchinson, Tom Жанр: ELT рабочие тетради и сборники упражнений Издательство: Oxford University Press ISBN: 0194307574 Формат: PDF , nrg Качество: Отсканированные страницы Количество страниц: 111 Описание: English level: Beginner to Intermediate A1 to MID B2 Description One page. One lesson. One focus. Everything you look for in an English course, made simple.


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Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary -isoHUNT - P2P - nad BItTorrent link releases

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