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September 2009

Comunidade | Ubuntu-BR

A Comunidade Ubuntu-BR é formada por pessoas voluntárias que visam contribuir com o sistema e com seus usuários, buscando interagir umas com as outras prestando suporte, divulgando, participando de eventos e compartilhando do espírito Ubuntu. Se você quer participar desta comunidade, Saiba como. Código de Conduta O Código de Conduta do Ubuntu rege o comportamento de todos os membros da Comunidade Ubuntu, em qualquer fórum, lista de discussão, wiki, site, canal de irc, install-fest, encontros públicos ou correspondências privadas. O Conselho Comunitário do Ubuntu irá arbitrar em qualquer discussão sobre a conduta de um membro da comunidade. Para estar de acordo, você precisa ler atentamente e assiná-lo. Conselho O Conselho Ubuntu Brasil é formado por 3 membros oficiais do Ubuntu, responsável por tomar decisões que afetarão direta ou inderetamente o futuro da comunidade, arbitrar nos assuntos relacionados a imagem da comunidade e no comportamento de seus membros, bem como representar oficialmente a distribuição em território nacional. Os membros do Conselho são: * André Gondim * Fabio Nogueira * Laudeci Oliveira Para entrar em contato com o Conselho, utilize o email conselho©

August 2009

Comunidade | Ubuntu-BR

Grupos Regionais Os Grupos Regionais são células de representação da comunidade Ubuntu nos diversos estados brasileiros. Neles você poderá encontrar usuários do Ubuntu Linux que residem no mesmo estado e cidade e até mesmo bairro que você. Os grupos organizam listas de discussões próprias, eventos, install fest e outras confraternizações e iniciativas, sendo uma forma muito interessante de se fazer novos amigos, contatos e trocas de experiências profissionais, culturais e sociais. Entre em contato com o Grupo Regional do seu estado e ajude na divulgação do Ubuntu GNU/Linux no seu bairro, faculdade, escola, cidade, empresa... espalhe o espírito Ubuntu! Usuários Mapa de usuários do Ubuntu no Brasil mostra a localização geográfica de usuários do Ubuntu no território nacional, qualquer um pode adicionar seu nome no mapa. Ubuntu-BR no Launchpad Time de Usuários Brasileiros do Ubuntu no Launchpad. Para participar deste time é necessário que o usuário esteja de acordo e tenha assinado o Código de Conduta. Locais * Fórum * Listas de discussão * Planeta (agregador de blogs)

November 2008

Xubuntu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Xubuntu is an official derivative of the Ubuntu operating system, using the Xfce desktop environment. Xubuntu's goals are to "provide an easy to use distribution (...) with a focus on integration, usability and performance, with a particular focus on low memory footprint (...) based around the ideals and values of Ubuntu." Because the Xfce desktop environment uses fewer system resources, Xubuntu is often used on older computers or systems with limited resources.

Tour | Xubuntu

Xubuntu is a full-featured operating system with which you can get started right away - no need to install additional software for most day-to-day tasks. Customizable It's easy to customize Xubuntu to match your personal tastes. It takes but a few clicks to change the theme, amount and location of panels, font, and more. Install panel plugins and more applications for additional functionality using the application installer. Finding new software is a breeze and installation is just a click away. Once applications are installed, updates can be downloaded and installed automatically

September 2008

Features | Ubuntu Desktop Edition

Web Browsing Ubuntu comes by default, with the latest browser from Mozilla; Firefox 3 Beta 5. Firefox has quickly become one of the most popular browsers being used on millions of desktops throughout the world. The version on Ubuntu has been specifically themed for the operating system and uses familiar looking icons so browsing is the smooth experience that users should expect. And as we get more of our applications and other content through the web this is more important than ever. New features in Firefox 3 Enhanced bookmarking, tagging and history. Bookmarking a page simply means clicking on the empty star in the location bar. Clicking again allows you to file the the bookmark in the correct folder for better organisation.

February 2008

October 2007

Gobuntu | Ubuntu

Gobuntu is a GNU/Linux operating system, derived from Ubuntu, that endeavors to adhere to the Free Software Foundations four freedoms and intends to provide a base for other free software platforms to build upon with minimal modification required. It does this by only including open-source non-restricted software

Xubuntu 7.10 now available |

Xubuntu 7.10 now available The Xubuntu team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the latest release of the Xubuntu Linux operating system: 7.10 "Gutsy Gibbon". The Xubuntu development team would like to thank all the volunteers who have helped coding, testing, designing, translating, testing and more, without whom this release would not have been possible. This release ships many improvements documented in the release notes. Download Xubuntu now or see the instructions for upgrading.

September 2007 - The RPM Package Manager

RPM is a core component of many Linux distributions, such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the Fedora Project, SUSE Linux Enterprise, openSUSE, CentOS, Mandriva Linux, and many others. It is also used on many other operating systems as well, and the RPM format is part of the Linux Standard Base. Unofficial APT repositories

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Unofficial APT repositories is intended as a place for people to share useful APT (Advanced Package Tool) sources for the Debian operating system.

Ubufox. How it works? - Page 2 - Ubuntu Forums

Welcome to the Ubuntu Forums. Welcome to the Ubuntu Forums, we encourage you to REGISTER on our forums and participate in the community. Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. By JOINING US today you can participate in our active and growing community. Registering on our forum gets you access to post new messages, get support, use private messages, download images from our gallery and much much more!

August 2007

Linux Driver Kit -- Lexmark United States

The Lexmark Linux Printer Driver Development Kit (LLPDDK) provides libraries needed to develop and promote custom printer and scanner drivers' development for the Linux operating system. These libraries allow communication with Lexmark Inkjet printers and Lexmark All-In-Ones, as well as printing across popular print subsystems and scanning using the SANE standards.

Win/FAT32 Fiesty

Windows with FAT32 Feisty Fawn Edited Tuesday, July 03 2007 This web-page is part of a larger site giving examples of how to install Windows Ubuntu Linux operating systems 'dual boot' in a computer. Illustrated Dual Boot HomePage This webpage is for the 'Ubuntu 'Feisty Fawn 7.04', 'alternate' installer. The released install CD called ubuntu-7.04-alternate-i386.iso, md5sum ff0cc7c9ed5157f0ff8c0f2213973f49 This install guide is for installing Ubuntu 'Feisty Fawn', dual boot with Windows XP Home Edition, Windows 98, or any other operating system with a FAT32 filesystem. The Windows operating system should be installed first, and then Ubuntu.

Illustrated Dual Boot Site

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Illustrated Dual Boot Site Home Page Edited Friday, July 13 2007 This website is about how to use the Ubuntu 'Alternate' Install CD, and also features all kinds of help with Linux bootloaders and dual booting. You NEED Linux in your computer so you can get email and use the internet safely. The internet is not safe for your existing operating system because it is incurably vulnerable to all kinds of evil pests and threats. Read this BBC News article, Google searches web's dark side. Solve the problem, install Linux today and keep your other OS for home use only, safely off the internet. You can switch to Linux later as you learn to use it and discover how much better it is.

March 2007