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diHITT - O site para quem é viciado em notícia. Comunidade openSUSE Linux Portugal | Forum SusePT & openSUSEPT • Índice

Ubuntu -- Package Search Results -- unetbootin

Package unetbootin * jaunty (utils): installer of Linux/BSD distributions to a partition or USB drive [universe] 304-1: amd64 i386 * karmic (utils): installer of Linux/BSD distributions to a partition or USB drive [universe] 304-1: amd64 i386

Lubi, LVPM, UNetbootin, and Bubakup - Bubakup

Download Bubakup Browse all downloads (additional packages for other distros/versions) Introduction Bubakup, the Bootable Ubuntu Backup, is a tool that allows you to create a bootable backup image of your running system. It supports creating uncompressed, bootable loopmounted disk images of the whole or parts of the system, deleting backup disk images, archiving backup disk images using 7-zip, restoring backed-up archived disk images, and LVPM (which is pre-installed in the generated disk images) can be used to restore the backup loopmounted disk image to an actual partition.

UNetbootin - Homepage and Downloads

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Packages available: Ubuntu Debian openSUSE Gentoo Introduction UNetbootin allows you to create bootable Live USB drives for a variety of Linux distributions from Windows or Linux, without requiring you to burn a CD. You can either let it download one of the many distributions supported out-of-the-box for you, or supply your own Linux .iso file if you've already downloaded one or your preferred distribution isn't on the list. Requirements * Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista, or Linux. If you are having trouble with the Linux version, try the Windows version, it usually works better. * A broadband internet connection to download the distribution's .iso file (unless you're using pre-downloaded files) Features UNetbootin can create a bootable Live USB drive, or it can make a "frugal install" on your local hard disk if you don't have a USB drive. It can load distributions by automatically downloading their ISO (CD image) files, or by using existing ISO files, floppy/hard disk images, or kernel/initrd files, for installing other distributions.

Bem-vindo ao - openSUSE

O projecto openSUSE consiste num esforço duma comunidade mundial patrocinado pela Novell que promove o uso do Linux nos quatro cantos do mundo. Este programa permite o acesso fácil e gratuito ao openSUSE. Aqui poderá encontrar e juntar-se a uma comunidade de utilizadores e programadores com um mesmo objectivo— criar e distribuir a distribuição Linux mais usável no mundo. O openSUSE também disponibiliza as bases para os SUSE Linux Enterprise produtos premiados da Novell.


Konqueror Tips and Tricks - openSUSE

Konqueror Tips and Tricks From openSUSE Konqueror is a great application which is often overlooked and inappropriately looked down upon. The more I use Konqueror, the more I come to love it and the more 'hidden' features I find. This page is an attempt to document these cool features. Please feel free to contribute your own favorite features and discoveries to the list


Audacity: Linux/Unix

Linux/Unix A maneira mais simples de instalar o Audacity no seu sistema Linux ou Unix é copiar uma versão compilada para o seu sistema: * Alt Linux * Debian * Gentoo * Mandriva i586 and Mandriva x86_64 * PLD Linux * Red Hat / Fedora Core o Fedora Extras o Planet CCRMA * SuSE Linux * Ubuntu Linux

tadeufilippini - Wiki

tadeufilippini This page does not exist yet. You can create a new empty page, or use one of the page templates. Before creating the page, please check if a similar page already exists. - The RPM Package Manager

RPM is a core component of many Linux distributions, such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the Fedora Project, SUSE Linux Enterprise, openSUSE, CentOS, Mandriva Linux, and many others. It is also used on many other operating systems as well, and the RPM format is part of the Linux Standard Base.

openSUSE 10.2 from NOVELL®

openSUSE® 10.2 For rich, reliable and secure home computing, there's no better choice than openSUSE 10.2. It features an easy-to-install Linux operating system that lets you browse the Web, send e-mail, chat with friends, organize digital photos, play movies and songs, and create documents and spreadsheets. You can even use it to host a Web site or blog, create a home network and develop your own applications. More

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