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28 March 2009 08:15

K Desktop Environment - Educational applications and Games

Learn and Discover with the KDE Educational applications Desktop Planetarium, KStars, provides an accurate graphical simulation of the night sky, from any location on Earth, at any date and time. It can control telescopes and has many tools for the amateur or professional astronomer. This new version now shows millions of stars, can predict conjunctions and has a Sky Calendar. If you start it for the first time, a welcome wizard will show. After choosing your location, you can click the "Download Extra Data..." to select additional star and image data to install. Millions of stars are available in the packages, as well as inline thumbnail images which show images of objects right on the sky. There are several interesting educational applications of this program as well. Pushing "CTRL-F" will bring up the find dialog. Type a name of a heavenly object to find it, like the moon. You might want to turn off "Toggle opaque ground" (most right button on the toolbar) to see the object if it is below the horizon. If you now choose "Equatorial coordinates" by hitting the space bar and set the time per second in the toolbar to 1 hour, watch. The moon moves - but, seen from the equitorial, not in a horizontal line! Why is that? The reason is that the earth spins, but not entirely as you might expect: there is a tilt and a wobble to the spin of the earth, and thus the observer moves up and down... Making science visible to children in such a way is a strong tool in the classroom, and this is a truly educational application. And it is not just for children, so be sure to have a look at this application if you are interested in astronomy!

04 February 2008 03:45


rgbPaint At the beginning of January 2007 Mark Tyler decided to fork version 3.09 of mtPaint to see how easy it would be to create a very basic painting program which could run on the One Laptop Per Child Sugar system.

01 October 2007 04:00 LProf open source ICC profiler

LProf is an open source color profiler that creates ICC compliant profiles for devices such as cameras, scanners and monitors. Origanally authored by Marti Maria the creator of LCMS. Marti has graciously consented to the creation of this project

16 September 2007 06:00


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CinePaint is a collection of free open source software tools for deep paint manipulation and image processing. CinePaint is used for motion picture frame-by-frame retouching, dirt removal, wire rig removal, render repair, background plates, and 3d model textures. It's been used on many feature films, including The Last Samurai where it was used to add flying arrows. It's also being used by pro photographers who need greater color fidelity than is available in other tools

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15 May 2007 21:00

21 Web 2.0 tutorials for The GIMP

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Posted in design, graphic, opensource, digg, web 2.0, english, italiano, gimp, tutorial by gigasoft on the April 9th, 2007 I know, I know, these days there’re too much ads on this site because of a bandwidth lack. Infact my current hosting allow me to manage “only” 10Gb per month and only yesterday I spent something like 6 Gb. So please, don’t be sicked for the ads, I need them to enlarge my bandwidth-limit and keep up this site for more than other 6 days GIMP TUTORIALS - TUTORIALS GIMP GIMP TUTORIAL - TUTORIAL GIMP

05 March 2007 11:00