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20 June 2009 08:00

KOffice download

O KOffice fugiu do sistema operacional do pinguim e embarcou no Windows, para alegria (ou não) dos usuários que gostam dos programas para Linux, mas nunca puderam mudar de sistema. O pacote vem com os tipos mais usados de programas para escritório, como editor de texto, planilhas, apresentações e outros adicionais. A interface é simples e há suporte para o idioma português brasileiro.

20 June 2009 06:00

20 June 2009 05:00

Zoho Accounts

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Welcome to Zoho ! The Zoho Single Sign-on (SSO) system allows you to access multiple Zoho services using a single Zoho ID and Password. If you havent got a Zoho account, register now by clicking on the "Sign Up" link at the right. The registration is simple and easy. Important Note : Not all Zoho services come under Zoho SSO. The ZohoID you choose will not allow you to access other utility services: 24x7, Polls, Viewer, and Challenge. If you want to try out other utility services, you will have to register separately at their respective home pages. All Zoho Services will be brought under Zoho SSO soon.

20 June 2009 04:00

Download Trial

Try ThinkFree Mobile on your Netbook now! ThinkFree Mobile includes seamless integration with the award-winning web-based office service, ThinkFree Online. It will require your signup for an online service account at The ThinkFree Netbook edition trial download is fully functional and runs for 7 days after installation. In order to download the software, please read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

02 March 2007 08:00


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Zoho Writer Zoho Sheet Zoho Show Zoho Virtual Office Zoho Projects Zoho CRM Zoho Creator Zoho Planner Zoho Chat Zoho Wiki Zoho Notebook

21 July 2006 00:00