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Taringa! - Colección de Libros de GNU/Linux (Ubuntu especialmente)

Ubuntu Unleashed Second Edition, un excelente libro de Editorial Sams con fecha de edición de fines de Agosto de 2006 y que consta de unas 800 páginas orientadas al usuario avanzado de Ubuntu Curso de Ubuntu Completo Nuevo link, sin password Linux for Dummies - 7th Edition

The.Official.Ubuntu.Book - 免费电子图书下载!

Ubuntu is a complete, free operating system that emphasizes community, support, and ease of use while refusing to compromise on speed, power, and flexibility. It's Linux for human beings--designed for everyone from computer novices to experts. Ubuntu is the most in-demand Linux distribution, and this official guide will get you up and running quickly. Learn how to seamlessly install and customize Ubuntu for your home or small businesses. Its open source power can be used in schools, government, or by corporations, and is suitable for both desktop and server use. The Ubuntu community is built on the premise that software should be available free of charge, and that people should have the freedom to customize and alter their software in whatever way they see fit. Written by leading Ubuntu community members, this is the only book that you need to become a savvy Ubuntu user. Covers the latest version of Ubuntu--Ubuntu 6.06LTS Covers every standard desktop application from word processing, spreadsheets, Web browsing, e-mail, instant messaging, music, video, and, of course, games, all the way to software development, databases, and other server applications Includes real-world troubleshooting advice contributed by Ubuntu users from around the world Learn about the extended Ubuntu community, which includes translators; software developers; teachers; people who love to hand out CDs and help friends try free software; artists; people who write documentation, tips, and guides; accountants; and even a lawyer or two. Covers both Ubuntu and Kubuntu desktop systems Explains Ubuntu Server installation and basic administration, complete with advanced installer features like LVM and RAID This book comes with a version of Ubuntu that can run right off the DVD, as well as the complete set of supported packages for Ubuntu, including Kubuntu. Try out Ubuntu on the DVD. If you want to keep it, install it directly from your desktop. Community Contributors: James Stanger, Jorge O. Castro, Matthew East, Quim Gil, Dennis Kaarsemaker, David Bain, Alan Barnard, David Clayton, Manu Cornet, Scott Dier, Oskar Jönefors, Jason LaPrade, Avinash Meetoo, Julien Rottenberg, Stephen Sandlin, David Symons, Paul van Genderen, Andrew Zajac Download Download address 1 Download address 2 Download address 3